I have been a fan of Pandora for years now. I have a station for driving, driving with my parents in the car, working and running. Because I use the free service, I am accustomed to the targeted advertisements. So, when Pandora For Brands released an article titled “3 Ways to Personalize and Customize an Ad Campaign,” it caught my interest.

The article details the importance of personalized advertising and uses a Pandora-based Propel campaign as an example. Propel’s Pandora campaign was able to use Pandora’s targeted segments to ensure that it reached the right audience, incorporate interactive features and drive listeners to the Propel Power Workout station, which gained more than 264,000 users in a little more than four months, the article states. The station also featured banner ads for the brand’s products.

Sixty-two percent of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product that they believe offers valuable, interesting and relevant content, like that provided by Propel, the article notes.

More recently, Michelob Ultra launched a skill for Amazon’s Alexa, which also is geared toward fitness enthusiasts and offers a personalized workout experience. The skill, called ULTRA 95, features 12 different workouts divided into three categories: Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility.

“Our ULTRA 95 skill on Amazon Alexa uses innovative speech recognition technology to provide consumers with easy, instantaneous-to-access workouts that help them stay fit and have fun in the process, no matter how busy their lives get,” said Azania Andrews, vice president of Michelob Ultra, in a statement.

As consumers continue to desire personalization from the brands with which they interact, it’s exciting to see beverage brands embracing innovative technology and new mediums to create interesting and useful media for their consumers.