The art of vodka

Van Gogh Vodka unveiled new packaging for its self-titled lineup of vodkas. The project was a collaboration between Van Gogh Vodka and Spring Design Partners, which sought to re-imagine the on-shelf expression of the iconic namesake by creating a standout design that would elevate the flavored vodka segment, capture the millennial market and contemporize the brand, it says. It also wanted to elevate the experience of the brand so that the packaging matched the high quality of the content inside, it adds. Each of the lineup’s eight flavors — Original, Double Espresso, Cool Peach, Dutch Caramel, Espresso, Acai-Blueberry, Pineapple and Wild Apple — features a unique expression, achieved with oil paint on canvas in a hand reminiscent of Van Gogh that combines expressive brush strokes and color with a textured varnish to create a sense of tactility, it says. The neck of each bottle features “the art of vodka” reversed out of black type while Van Gogh is printed in black type on a white label at the top of neck, it adds.

Super-sized for more hydration

Developed in response to consumer feedback, Harmless Harvest, an organic and Fair for Life-certified coconut water, introduced a new multi-serve, 32-ounce bottle that offers four servings of coconut water, the company says. Also available in 8.75- and 16-ounce sizes, the bottles are non-thermally pasteurized, it adds. The new 32-ounce bottles of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water are available at select Whole Foods Market stores. Additionally, a portion of the sales from each bottle is donated to a Fair for Life fund that benefits the local Thai communities where coconuts are harvested. “At Harmless Harvest, we are committed to creating delicious, nutrient-rich organic products, all while treating people fairly, treating the planet harmlessly and operating in a sustainable manner,” Chief Executive Officer Giannella Alvarez said in a statement. “The launch of the 32-ounce bottle is our latest way of replenishing the planet and giving back to the people and communities that produce Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.”

A little redemption

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits announced the launch of a new bottle and label design for its premium American whiskeys: Redemption Rye, High Rye Bourbon and Bourbon. Redemption’s new look and feel begins with a new custom bottle shape for the entire range, which is molded with a concave back, offering a firmer grip for bartenders to handle the bottle. Upgraded features include a bold typeface, a leather-like label and a cork. A rye frond is embossed onto the front of every bottle, and a story about the pre-prohibition whiskey revival in America is printed on each label, the company says. Additionally, each Redemption bottle is numbered to reflect the batch, an indication of the attention to detail put into making the final product. “Last year we completed a most important strategic acquisition; the addition of Redemption Whiskey to the Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits portfolio,” said Tom Steffanci, president of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, in a statement. “Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to consumers and bartenders, and, armed with their input, we designed new packaging that takes cues from a bygone era when rye was king in America. The brand’s new look better reflects Redemption Whiskey’s personality and showcases rye’s uniquely American personality. We intend to bring rye back to its pre-prohibition glory.”

Highlighting healthy

Nomva, a line of on-the-go probiotic smoothies, announced newly redesigned flexible pouch packs. Each redesigned package highlights the clean, USDA-organic and fiber-rich ingredients used, while maintaining the no-spill, squeezable “happiness flask” format, the company says. The line includes new, playful names for the five flavors: Applestack, Everberry, Kale Yeah, Strawnana and Tropicarrot, it adds. Additionally, the new packages also showcase the brand’s recent validation from the Non-GMO Project.

A “wild” lager label

Heineken released a limited-edition brew: “Wild Lager” H41, a beer that features a rare, wild yeast that recently was discovered in a Patagonia forest at coordinates of 41 degrees south and 71 degrees west, the company says. For the limited-edition brew, Constantia Flexibles used its expertise in the area of combination printing to create a unique, yet recognizable Heineken label using three techniques: rotary screen, flexo and foil stamping, it notes. The design includes clear labels with printed areas that have the look and feel of paper, while a smoky green color along with brilliant silver effects creates synergy with the global Heineken brand. The final product is a three-part label that comprises the front, back and neck of the bottle and is different from the iconic Heineken bottle, but still is recognizable as part of the family, it says. H41 is available for a limited time in the Italian and Dutch markets. “Constantia Flexibles has exceeded our expectations with their execution of this label, bringing to life our vision for the brand,” said Ramses Dingenouts, senior packaging and identity design manager at Heineken, in a statement.

Hydrating with more water

JUST water recently launched six-packs of its responsibly sourced and packaged 100 percent spring water, which now is available at Stop & Shop in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey, the company says. Released in response to consumer demand, the new six-pack features a light blue recyclable case and is available for a suggested retail price of $6.29, it adds. The JUST water bottle is made from 82 percent renewable resources by using plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane and FSC-certified paper and creates up to 74 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional PET plastic bottles, it says.