Commemorating the generations

To commemorate 325 years of distilling at Nolet Family Distillery, Ketel One vodka announced the release of a limited-edition bottle. The 1-liter bottle now is available nationwide. The commemorative bottle is dressed in copper matte plating as a nod to the important role copper-pot distillation plays in creating Ketel One vodka, the company says. The ironwork-inspired design featured on the bottle’s front and back represents the actual ironwork above the entrance to the distillery in Holland, it adds. Additionally, for the first time, the 11th generation distillers, Carl Nolet Jr. and Bob Nolet, have their signatures featured on the bottle. “Every bottle is signed for a reason — it is our promise to every consumer that they will find the same high-quality liquid in every bottle of Ketel One,” Carl Nolet Jr. said in a statement.


Big celebration

Big Red teamed up with the NBA’s Matt Bonner for a limited-edition 2-liter bottle commemorating his 10-year professional basketball career in San Antonio. Bonner is one of six players to join the team’s 10-year club. Starting in mid-November, consumers in central and south Texas could purchase the limited-run bottles while supplies last. “We are excited to work with San Antonio fan favorite Matt Bonner for a second year,” Big Red’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Thomas Oh said in a statement. “To celebrate his 10-year anniversary, we thought it only made sense to put the NBA’s only redhead on San Antonio’s No. 1 red soda, Big Red.”


A functional fix

Collingwood Blended Canadian Whisky released a new bottle design featuring a new screw cap. In an effort to improve functionality and increase sustainability of the Collingwood bottle, the extra extra-black cap from its previous packaging has been removed, the company says. The new front and back labels display a premium appearance that complements the liquid inside, while focusing on the brand name, it adds. “We are very excited about the new package design and believe the increased impact on the shelf will give consumers the opportunity to find and try this hidden gem of a whisky,” Collingwood Brand Manager Heather Howell said in a statement. “In conjunction with the new package, we’ve completely repositioned the brand to focus on craftsmanship, the vigor of the Canadian landscape and the artisanal world.” The new package will hit shelves nationwide in select retail locations with a suggested retail price of $28.99 for a 750-ml bottle.


A special message

Medea Vodka, the spirit with a customizable LED message band on the bottle, now is lighting up the aisles with new Bluetooth-equipped bottles. The new Bluetooth Medea Vodka LED bottle, which is available at major retailers nationwide, uses Apple Inc.’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology to allow consumers to use a smartphone to wirelessly set and display scrolling messages on the bottle’s digital display. The technology is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Free to consumers, the app will connect each consumer to their own bottle giving them the option to invite others, join social media and locate their bottle. The company adds that updates containing more features are planned for the future. From the distance of a basketball court, Medea consumers now can create and edit up to 10 different messages of their choice, according to the company.


Wild changes

Wild Turkey debuted a new look for its range of premium bourbon and rye whiskies. The company says the new look better reflects its core values, while making no changes to the liquid inside the bottle. Most notably,  the labels all feature a new, true-to-life illustration of a turkey, drawn by professional wildlife artist Julie Rhodes. Rhodes took great care to make the turkey as realistic as possible, which resulted in a spirited bird that is regal, bold and proud, the company says. Additionally, the new look reflects Eddie Russell’s recent promotion to master distiller and highlights that Wild Turkey Bourbon (originally named Wild Turkey 81) is Eddie’s creation, while Wild Turkey 101 was created by his father, Jimmy Russell. “We wanted the new packaging to capture the hard work, craftsmanship and heart that goes into making Wild Turkey,” Eddie Russell said in a statement. “My father and I have been making whiskey the same way for over 60 years. From hand selecting the grain, to bottling the liquid and everything in between, we make sure our product is made the right way — the traditional way — at every single stage.” All of the new bottles also feature a strip stamp comprised of deep, rich colors and accented with gold foiled writing, which denote the type of whiskey, and most contain the phrase “Crafted with Conviction.” Below the strip stamp, a circular Wild Turkey marking is embossed in the glass. Near the bottom of every bottle the words, “BOLD. GENUINE. TRUE.” also are embossed in the glass.