To commemorate 325 years of distilling at Nolet Family Distillery, Ketel One vodka announced the release of a limited-edition bottle. The 1-liter bottle now is available nationwide. The commemorative bottle is dressed in copper matte plating as a nod to the important role copper-pot distillation plays in creating Ketel One vodka, the company says. The ironwork-inspired design featured on the bottle’s front and back represents the actual ironwork above the entrance to the distillery in Holland, it adds. Additionally, for the first time, the 11th generation distillers, Carl Nolet Jr. and Bob Nolet, have their signatures featured on the bottle. “Every bottle is signed for a reason — it is our promise to every consumer that they will find the same high-quality liquid in every bottle of Ketel One,” Carl Nolet Jr. said in a statement.