Minneapolis-based Phillips Distilling Co. announced the launch of its newest whisky innovation: Revel Stoke Root Beer Flavored Whisky. Revel Stoke Root Beer will be available nationwide beginning this month. Revel Stoke Whisky is a Canadian blended whisky made using premium 3-year and 8-year Canadian Whiskies, each adding their own distinct flavor and character.

Revel Stoke Whisky has seen strong sales growth this year, the company says. Most recently, Revel Stoke dollar sales are up 130 percent in the last 12 weeks, strongly outpacing the Flavored Canadian Whisky category, which is up 4.9 percent, according to Total US Nielsen Scan Data from Oct. 15. With the introduction of hard sodas, root beer has seen resurgence and is growing in popularity among adults. This precedent created the perfect environment to pair the success of Revel Stoke with the attractiveness of Root Beer, resulting in its new root beer flavored whisky,  the company says.

On the nose, Revel Stoke Root Beer Flavored Whisky features the fresh aroma of vanilla and mint, with licorice overtones, the company says. Its tasting notes highlight a sweet molasses flavor that finishes with a warm root beer taste, it adds.

“When Phillips Distilling Co. introduced the first-ever Root Beer Schnapps in 1984, we set the stage for success in the root beer flavor category. With the launch of Revel Stoke Root Beer, we’re not only diversifying our whisky portfolio, we’re continuing the tradition of perfecting root beer by offering an alternative to the popular hard sodas and traditional whisky cocktails,” said Scott Meek, vice president of marketing at Phillips Distilling, in a statement. “Our new Revel Stoke Root Beer is the perfect combination of expected and unique whisky flavors, while yet comfortable and familiar to the flavored Canadian whisky consumer.”

In addition to product rollout in key markets, the brand plan includes social media and public relations efforts, according to the company. Revel Stoke Root Beer flavor will be available along with the rest of the portfolio, which includes Revel Stoke Spiced, Revel Stoke Canadian, Revel Stoke Cinnamon, Revel Stoke Roasted Pecan, Revel Stoke Roasted Apple and Revel Stoke Roasted Pineapple. The product is available for a suggested retail price of $13.99 for 750-ml bottle and $15.99 for a 1-liter bottle.