This fall, San Clemente, Calif.-based Villager Goods coconut water will launch an athlete-owned startup company dedicated to inspiring the world's youth to live healthy positive lives in harmony with nature, it says.

Twenty-six top action sports “villagers” have signed on as investor-ambassadors to show their commitment to living positive, healthy lifestyles that also set an example to younger generations as well as their contemporaries, the company adds. Villager Goods will introduce three coconut water flavors: Original, Pineapple and Chocolate. The organic, not-from-concentrate coconut waters will be priced in line with mainstream non-organic competitors, it adds.

"As a brand and as individuals, we want to use our power of influence for something good," said Ryan Kingman, president of Villager Goods, in a statement.  "Our goal is to build a global community that inspires individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle."

Villager Goods plans to introduce additional organic food, beverage and consumer packaged goods in the future, it says. The company also will establish Villager Good, which will represent the brand's cause-related hub and focus on supporting initiatives that are important to the villagers and its brand.

“I wanted to be involved with Villager because I love skateboarding and coconut water is great for hydration which helps me [to] have longer skate sessions,” said Paul Rodriguez, skateboarder and villager, in a statement. “I also love the people involved, and I think what we are doing is so positive and healthy for everyone.” 

Villager will be available online at and at premiere retail locations nationwide.