Corvallis, Ore.-based 2 Towns Ciderhouse announced the release of its latest limited-release cider — The Dark Currant. The winter cider combines apples and local black currants. The black currants are noted for complex tannins, high acidity and earthy flavor profile, much like a traditional cider apple, the company says. The result is a 6 percent alcohol-by-volume cider rich in tannins with notes of cherry, rose and light wood, it adds.

Black currants from the Queener Farm in Scio, Ore., and the Kalapooia Haven Farm in Brownsville, Ore., were harvested in late summer and fermented with fresh-pressed 100 percent northwestern apples and then lightly aged on Oregon White Oak for this winter-limited release. Dark Currant Cider was planned in anticipation of the darkest days of the year as a reminder that in a few months the sky will lighten, bringing sweet fruit, blooming flowers and new growth, the company notes.

“Dark Currant is a festive cider with a ruby hue reminiscent of spring berries, a flavor rich in earthy floral notes and tannins that meld to create a balanced, yet dry cider,” said Dave Takush, head cidermaker for 2 Towns Ciderhouse, in a statement. “Every day is a day to celebrate and we are excited to pay homage to the season with a cider that embodies all the excitement and anticipation that comes with the promise of changing seasons.”

Dark Currant will be available to distributor partners throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Idaho, Nevada, Minnesota and Chicago as supplies last. The cider is packaged in 500-ml bottles, 1/6-barrel and ½-barrel kegs.