Suero Oral added a beverage concentrate packaging size to its portfolio of functional beverages, which already contains 1-liter and 500-ml bottles. The functional beverage, which replenishes the body’s fluids lost through exertion, fever or vomiting due to illness, remains popular as a traditional medicine for children as well as agricultural and construction workers, the company notes. However, research found that athletes and exercise enthusiasts also are turning to the brand, it adds. “We have seen this category of packaging explode into the beverage market in the past three years,” said Chief Operating Officer Marc Perez in a statement. “We were initially concerned that we would be cannibalizing our larger package sales by introducing this new type of packaging, but our market research indicated that the concentrate package would have a strong appeal to our new category of younger mobile customers without significantly affecting our existing customer base.” The company worked with TricorBraun to develop the new 2-ounce package. From the concentrate bottle designs that TricorBraun created, Suero Oral chose a fluid, subtly asymmetrical two-ounce squeeze bottle with a flip-top closure for its convenient size and dispensing functionality, it says. Each bottle is decorated with a full-body shrink-sleeve label carrying an image that reflects the image on the larger bottle of the product.