Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Lacprodan DI-3065, a fast-acting ‘pre-digested’ whey protein hydrolysate for applications in the clinical nutrition sector. Although protein is an essential source of nutrition for the sick and elderly, they often struggle to digest and absorb it, the company explains. Lacprodan DI-3065 is extensively hydrolysed, which means the protein has been chopped up into smaller chains of amino acids, making them quicker and easier for the body to absorb than intact proteins. This offers benefits to patients suffering from impaired digestion as a result of surgery, illness or health conditions such as short bowel syndrome, pancreatic insufficiency and inflammatory bowel disease, according to the company. Lacprodan DI-3065 is suitable for use in UHT applications at levels of as much as 20 percent protein in drinks and gels, and as much as 40 percent protein in shots. It is ideal for patients recovering from bariatric surgery, an operation to reduce the size of the stomach to promote weight loss in people who are clinically obese.

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