Aristocrat Group Corp. released its new distilled spirits product, Big Box Vodka. “Our intentions with this product was to create an entirely new segment in the beverage alcohol industry,” said ASCC Chief Executive Officer Robert Federowicz in a statement. Big Box Vodka is a handcrafted spirit made in the United States using Idaho Winter Wheat and pure Rocky Mountain water in a four-column distillation process. The spirit comes in a spouted, 1.75-liter box that holds more than double the volume of traditional 750-ml bottles, the company says. High-end bag-in-box wines now are commonplace and well-received by consumers, Federowicz said. “Increasingly sophisticated customers have caught on to the benefits of bag-in-box packaging, such as a longer shelf life after opening, easy handling, a lower price per liter and significant environmental advantages,” he said. “The time is now right for the bag-in-box concept to make a splash in the vodka industry, too.”