Suffolk, U.K.-based Treatt revealed this summer’s hottest drink trends based on its latest independent research. Melons, blossoms, garden goodies and sophisticated mocktails are among the trending drink options the research found. The new concepts appeal to the health-conscious consumer looking for exciting flavor experiences while evoking positive feelings, including the nostalgia of childhood summers to a taste of tropical beaches, the ingredient supplier says.

“A new and invigorating flavor experience is fast becoming a major driver in the success of products and this represents a significant opportunity to differentiate beverage products,” said Douglas Rash, group vice president of global sales at Treatt, in a statement. “The flavor concepts that we have identified show that consumers are increasingly choosing drink products that use natural ingredients. The analysis also identifies preferences beyond 2015, which will define the beverage market in the future. “Using trend data, we can ensure that our R&D efforts are aligned with the market to create unique products, and then leverage our applications expertise to demonstrate how our portfolio of 100 percent natural flavor ingredients can add value to ensure the success of brands in the marketplace,” he continued.

Melon and melon derivatives, for example, are exotic and naturally low in sugar. Appealing to the adult, children’s and sports’ drinks markets, Melon Plus offers a light flavor and enhanced refreshment with concepts like honeydew that offer new flavor experiences the company says. Many of these melon concepts pair well with other fruit flavors such as citrus, it adds.

The blossomflavorrepresents a natural extension of the health trend toward products that enhance mood and well-being, according to Treatt’s research. This concept draws feelings of purity, spring and romance, encouraging an emotional consumer response, it notes. With a variety of fruit blossoms to choose from, the trend could evolve to see blossom notes blended with herbs and spices, or fruit flavors.

Traditional, local and home-grown flavors also have become popular. Grandma’s Gardenis a flavor concept that brings the nostalgic feelings associated with nature, Treatt says. The trend reflects the behavior of consumers that are influenced by social responsibility and sustainability and –who  are seeking to make the most of natural resources, away from the fast pace of technically orientated modern lifestyles, according to Treatt research. Notes likely to feature prominently in this concept include rose, violet, hibiscus, lime flower and mint.

For a non-alcohol drink offering, Summer Mocktails are light, low-sugar and made from innovative, tasty flavors, providing an upmarket alternative to mainstream carbonated soft drinks, the company says. These flavors offer the opportunity to develop added value and sophisticated beverages, such as ‘mocktails’ like Virgin Mojito and non-alcohol Gin & Tonic, or summer favorites like Blackberry Lavender Lemonade and Sparkling Rosemary Limeade, it says.

The custom analysis for Treatt was conducted by RTS Resource Limited who analyzed and interpreted food and drink trends on a global basis, as well as wider consumer trends to forecast the decisions that consumers are likely to make in the future.