PAT VitaminsPAT Vitamins Inc. is a growing, privately held nutritional ingredient supplier that has decided to focus on healthy lifestyles and better nutrition. The company believes in its team, manufacturers, high-quality ingredients, and its valued customers to help the company continue this health regimen.

PAT Vitamins is proud to announce that it is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2015 and that it has been providing superior service and high-quality ingredients to its customers since 1995. In honor of PAT Vitamins’ 20th Anniversary, the company will offer a special discount.

Within the past several decades, PAT Vitamins has established close relationships with its original manufacturers. The company decided to work with manufacturers that care about the health of consumers and can produce high-quality raw ingredients to enhance wellness.

The FDA has made it clear, through form 483 and warning letter observations, that if a supplement or nutritional company is marketing a dietary supplement, even if it is using a contract manufacturer to produce its product, it is fully responsible for ensuring the supplement was manufactured under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements.

With a comprehensive quality agreement in place and a thorough risk assessment completed, PAT Vitamins has managed to work with the most reputable manufacturers such as the following:  Xinfa Pharmaceutical, Hubei Guangji, CSPC Weisheng and Hubei Huazhong to name a few.

PAT Vitamins has listened to its customers’ needs and has gradually grown in value-added ingredients and is able to produce the following ingredients as special orders: 1 to 10 percent trituration, spray drying, milling to a finer mesh, and dry granulation. PAT Vitamins knows that consumers’ health consciences are demanding and there is a rise in the number of non-GMO organic, natural and gluten-free products, and therefore the company has strived to incorporate these concerns to its manufactures.

PAT Vitamins believes in this industry and is passionate about growing to the next level. The company is here to serve its customers by providing fully stocked warehouses in the United States covering the East Coast to West Coast. PAT Vitamins offers R&D and technical support, extensive technical documentation and quality control.

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