January gives everyone a clean slate to start off the year on the right foot and become a better person in some way. The hard part for me has always been coming up with a resolution that I can actually keep past Jan. 31.

For inspiration, I reached out to some beverage brands to find out what their resolutions are.

Some brands, like good2grow and Sparkling Ice, are aiming to expand their reach and bring their products’ benefits to more consumers. Others, like Ole Smoky Moonshine, are looking to educate more consumers and mixologists about their products and how to best enjoy them. “Unless they grew up in an area where folks drank moonshine, most people are still intimidated by unaged whiskey,” says Chief Executive Officer John Cochran. In 2015, the brand wants to help consumers in all of its markets become excited about the growing category.

The Bud Light Lime Ritas brand is promising to keep the celebrations going all through 2015 with a variety of flavor choices. Mallika Monteiro, director of marketing for Bud Light extensions, encourages everyone to stay tuned for “surprises in 2015 that will encourage consumers to embrace moments to let go and celebrate — or fiesta — forever.”

And Devotion Vodka has some more philanthropic goals: “We are devoted to giving back to worthy causes and supporting charitable endeavors,” say Chief Executive Officer Drew Adelman and Chief Operating Officer Michael Calleja. “In fact, our philanthropic efforts in 2014 … were truly inspiring to our entire team, and we remain devoted to supporting charitable causes in 2015.” Oh, and the brand wants to make world peace happen too.

 As the year goes on, it’ll be interesting to see which brands stick to their resolutions and help make the beverage industry a better place.