We’ve finished the countdown, the Times Square Ball in New York has dropped, and it’s time to shift gears into 2013. The first order of business for many: working toward a New Year’s resolution.

According to the Washington Post, some of the most popular resolutions include getting fit, saving money, making more time for family, quitting smoking, volunteering, eating healthier and losing weight. Personally, this will be the third year in a row that I’ve vowed to be more charitable in the new year.

Although the beverage industry can’t really help people make more time for their families or quit smoking, it does have the versatility to help with some of these other New Year’s resolutions. For instance, performance drinks can supplement a consumer’s new workout regimen to help them get fit or lose weight. Healthier drink options such as low-calorie, low-sugar and functional beverages might also aid in losing weight or simply improving health. Beverage-makers also can offer discounts and incentives such as charitable donations to help consumers save money and support worthy causes. 

 However, we have to face the fact that most people don’t keep their resolutions all year long. According to a New York Times article published earlier this year, one-third of people typically break their resolutions by the end of January, and more than half lapse by July. My question is: how will this affect the beverage industry? Do performance drinks, low-calorie options and beverages for a cause perform better earlier in the year partly because of New Year’s resolutions? If so, what’s the best way for the beverage industry to react? These will be the questions we’ll seek to answer in the coming year.