If you’re like me — and roughly one in three Americans — January is the time of new possibilities. Many choose to start the new  year with a clean slate and make resolutions for various reasons. Yet, while 75 percent of us stuck to our goals for at least a week, less than half (46 percent) still will be on target six months from now, according to Health magazine.

Every year I resolve to be better — to be more patient, to exercise more, to drink more water, and to get fit and lose weight. In the past, I tried a cleanse that mixed water, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, which was supposed to rid my body of impurities and kick-start a healthy new year. Let’s just say that it didn’t work for me.

Yet, Project Juice, the West Coast maker of certified organic and non-GMO, cold-pressed juices, recently launched a new Detox Companion Kit and All Day Energy Pack designed to help fight the battle against weight gain and post-holiday fatigue, the company says.

Project Juice’s Detox Companion Kit consists of 10 cold-pressed juices in Black Magic and Green Lemon flavors, and 10 wellness shots including Liver Flush and Tummy Tonic, which can be consumed during a five-day period along with whole foods. The kit features herbs, activated charcoal, leafy greens and potent probiotics, which help the body ramp up its own detoxifying powers, it adds.

The All Day Energy Pack was created to keep energy levels high throughout the day. It consists of five Green Ginger blends; five True Brews, a cold-brew coffee; and five Mineral Surge Wellness Shots.

I’m thinking of giving this a try. For more information, visit projectjuice.com.