Technology two-for-one

Jammin Java Corp.’s Marley Coffee is working with its single-serve coffee partner and investor Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee to launch this month a new version of the Marley Coffee RealCup capsule that will be compatible with Keurig Green Mountain’s Keurig 2.0 brewer. The technology will later be integrated into Marley Coffee’s EcoCup format, which is expected to launch in the summer. EcoCups will include a recyclable capsule that is accepted by many curbside recycling programs, the company says. This can help reduce the number of single-serve capsules that will be thrown into landfills next year, which is estimated at more than 10 billion, the company says.


Bottled Baymax

Fal Food and Beverages, a Fal Group brand, launched special-edition “Big Hero 6” packaging for its Coco Joy Kids brand. The red, white and silver 8.4-ounce slim-line cans feature characters from the new Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film. Launched nearly two weeks prior to the “Big Hero 6” premier in early November, Coco Joy Kids “Big Hero 6” cans were originally offered with a movie ticket discount and are available in six-packs.  


Finding peace

Since its launch in 2006, Buddha’s Brew Kombucha has undergone multiple packaging evolutions and most recently partnered with Berlin Packaging to find a package that makes business and brand sense. The brand’s latest incarnation adds elements that help consumers find peace with the brand’s choices, the company says. After they consume the last drop of the beverage, drinkers uncover an embossed peace sign at the bottom of the bottle as a tongue-in-cheek reward for drinking the beverage. The peace sign was inspired by the use of Buddha in the brand name, the founder’s own spiritual journey, and kombucha’s reputation for producing a calming energy, the brand says.


Signature style

Just before the holidays, Myx Fusions collaborated with its celebrity investor Nicki Minaj for the limited-edition Myx Myxotica Nicki Minaj signature bottle. The American rapper and singer-songwriter met with the Myx production team and provided her input on the alcohol beverage’s flavor and the packaging, suggesting tweaks to both until they were perfect. Straying from the brand’s typical blue bottles, the limited-edition bottle bears Minaj’s signature, her signature pink hue, and a white Champagne-style topper. A 375-ml Myx Myxotica Nicki Minaj signature bottle retails for $9.99.


Hopped inspiration

Deschutes Brewery brought back Hop Trip and gave it a new look this season. The 2014 label features hop truck on a yellow background. A fresh hop pale ale, Hop Trip features Crystal hops, a citrus scent, 5.5 percent alcohol by volume and 38 international bittering units. 


Educating the consumer

Whyte & Mackay enlisted the help of creative agency threebrand to give its Glayva whisky liqueur a new look. The goal of the redesign was to increase brand awareness and on-shelf prominence and convey the variety of flavors that give Glayva its taste, according to the company. As a result, threebrand refreshed the label to give the brand a contemporary feel and encourage consumers to enjoy the liqueur neat, either chilled or over ice. This serving suggestion will help consumers to make an informed decision when browsing the category, according to the agency. In addition, the new bottles are embossed with illustrations of the ingredients used within Glayva, showcasing the combination of flavors that blend together to form the rich, honeyed spirit, it says.


Ready to go

The Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc. and W.G. Roe & Sons released eight of its most popular Seminole Pride Noble juices in 12-ounce “Grab & Go” packages. The lineup of 12-ounce juices includes Seminole Pride Noble 100 percent Florida orange juice; 100 percent Florida tangerine juice; blood orange juice; lemonade made with agave; organic orange juice; organic apple juice; organic lemonade; and Caribbean, which is a blend of 100 percent Florida tangerines, guava puree and mango puree. As premium juices in smaller containers, the beverages are designed to appeal to health-conscious, on-the-go consumers who are drinking juices throughout the day as part of their healthy lifestyles, the companies say.


Packaging for a cause

 Panacea Beverage Co. redesigned its MyCause Water bottles for more visibility and clearer messaging, the company says. The new cloud graphic represents the purity of the water, and the rainbow graphic symbolizes the company’s promise to change the world, it notes. Furthermore, the colors used on the labels stand for various parts of the business. Green signifies the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability; yellow stands for charitable giving and the warm smile it brings; and blue embodies the water itself, it explains.