Wings to fly

Red Bull is giving its fans the gift of flight through its new limited-edition Red Bull Flugtag four-pack. The special packaging commemorates the first-ever National Flugtag Day on Sept. 21, in which participants in Chicago; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Long Beach, Calif.; Miami; and Washington, D.C., will participate in a homemade, human-powered flying machine competition. Each pack features a text-in and quick-response code linking to the Red Bull Flugtag mobile game that will make one creative, aspiring aviator a real-life Red Bull Flugtag pilot. The grand-prize winner from the game, who was chosen at the end of August, will be sent to the National Red Bull Flugtag event in Dallas/Fort Worth where the flying machine he or she designed in the game will be assembled and awaiting its first flight.


Female friendly

Something Natural sparkling water redesigned its packaging with its female consumers in mind. The new, handcrafted design elements feature hand-drawn typography as well as one of five different bird designs that set the different varieties apart. The brand’s custom logo also finishes differently on each SKU as it appears to be a piece of string being pulled by the different birds, the company says.


All in the details

Justin Vineyards and Winery revealed a new line of bottles and labels that debuted with its 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon earlier this summer. Justin’s signature red wines now feature labels silk-screened directly onto custom-molded bottles using organic inks, the company says. Justin’s Isosceles wine also features gold detail, and its limited-production Isosceles Reserve includes platinum detail. For the new design, the winery kept its isosceles triangle logo and incorporated other design elements to create a clean, understated presence, the company says. The company’s recently released 2012 Chardonnay and 2012 Sauvignon Blanc also feature a new, elegant white label that speaks to the brand’s quality white winemaking, it adds.


Extending into cans

Helping extend the reach for its flagship beer, Lift Bridge Brewing Co. launched its Farm Girl Saison in four-packs of 16-ounce Rexam cans. The company chose Rexam cans because they help its beer stand out on the shelf with shiny graphics on reflective aluminum, it says. Cans in general deliver durability, portability and light barrier properties that preserve freshness and taste integrity while providing a sustainable platform, it adds. The cans are available at select retailers in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.


Animation in action

Terravant Wine Co. released its new Spin the Bottle wines with interactive labels. The label employs patented lenticular technology to make it appear as though the miniature bottle on the label is spinning as the potential consumer walks past it on the shelf, the company says. The new design aims to remind consumers of their youth and help the product stand out on the shelf, it adds. 


Back by popular demand

In response to consumer and distributor requests, The Double Cola Co. brought its Caffeine Free Ski back to store shelves. The citrus soda came back in updated packaging that is in line with the uniform Ski brand family image introduced in January. Featuring updated fruit images and graphics, the new image is designed to help grab consumer attention, it says. The new cans now are available in 12-packs in select markets.  


Slimming for sustainability

Kona Brewing Co. brought its rebranded Wailua Ale, formerly known as Wailua Wheat, back to shelves this summer in slimmer, more sustainable packaging. The new 12-ounce bottle has a slimmer overall shape, which makes shipping more efficient and less taxing on the planet, the company says. In 2010, the company reduced the weight of its beer bottles by 11 percent, which translated to 3,375 tons of carbon dioxide being eliminated from the air and was equivalent to taking 638 cars off the road for a year, it says. Similarly, the new Kona bottle now is an additional 5 percent lighter and will eliminate another 2,718 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to taking 514 cars off the road for a year, it says. The updated design also includes “Liquid Aloha” lettering as well as an embossing of the Hawaiian island chain. Wailua Ale will be available through September in the 36 states where Kona brews are available.


Summer makeover

The Made drinks brand unveiled a new look this summer for its organic green teas and lemonades, including its two newest varieties: Honey Green Tea with Ginseng and Mango Lemonade. In a distinct departure from its previous design, the new Made logo is a clean, classic design featuring a soft cursive font, the company says. The label strives to give a natural and organic appeal and features a subtle leaf placed in the “a” of Made. The revamped packaging also features bright, bold colors and graphics, alluding to the organic fruit juice contained inside the bottles, it says.


Consumer-friendly cans

 United Brands Co. now offers its Joose Peach, Classic and Strawberry Margaritas in 12-packs of 12-ounce cans. The new packaging release comes in response to consumer interest in portable cans and is helping the brand to captivate accounts and establish its parent company as a beverage innovator, the company says. “We are responding to what our customers are asking for,” said Michael Michail, president and chief executive officer of United Brands Co., in a statement. “They want to take Margaritas along on their cookouts and to the lake. The new packaging allows customers to enjoy a Margarita wherever they go. Just pop the top and pour for an instant fiesta without mixing or mess.”