Sensient Flavors, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., unveiled its proprietary, all-natural Smoothenol 2G line of ingredients. Smoothenol 2G is designed to enhance the palatability of food, beverage and health products by masking undesirable off-notes commonly associated with sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, vitamins and minerals, and nutraceutical and functional ingredients. By modifying the sensory perception of these ingredients, Smoothenol 2G essentially eliminates potential aftertastes in a product, meeting the industry need for a masking solution that optimizes taste and is flexible enough to meet specific formulary needs of the finished product without compromising performance or resorting to artificial additives, the company says. Smoothenol 2G allows formulators to develop complex masking systems capable of blocking with multiple receptor sites and inhibiting the transmission of a signal to the brain, it adds. The Smoothenol 2G portfolio includes ingredients that are formulated to be used in concert to achieve optimal taste and are tailored by Sensient scientists to meet the specific needs of individual applications. The following are those applications: BitterFix, which masks the wide variety of negative flavors associated with natural and artificial sweeteners; AstringentFix, which smooths the dry mouthfeel caused by tannins in fruit, tea and red wine; FunctionalFix, which reduces metallic off-notes caused by added proteins, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals; BurnFix, which masks the perception of alcohol burn in spirits; and SourFix, which softens sour notes associated with citric acid and acidulants in lemonade and citrus-flavored drinks. Smoothenol 2G is U.S. and EU compliant and GMO free.

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