Sensient Flavors LLC, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., introduced a line of natural, true-to-type varietal cherry flavors suitable for food and beverage applications. The flavors were created utilizing Sensient’s proprietary flavor development technologies, and sensory analysis and profiling also were conducted to ensure that the true essence of each varietal was captured, the company says. The following are available in the portfolio: Attika, which features a sweet and tangy flavor profile with high almond and floral notes; Black Cherry, which has a sweet and light floral flavor profile; Duke, which presents a sweet and mild flavor profile with a blend of sour and soft almond notes; Maraschino, which is a preserved and sweetened cherry with strong floral and sweet aromatic notes; Morello, which has a sour and acidic flavor profile; and Wild Cherry, which features a soft floral flavor profile paired with sweet, fruity notes, Sensient explains.

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