After moving its headquarters from Indianapolis to Hoffman Estates, Ill., last year, Sensient Flavors, a part of Sensient Technologies Corp., showcased its new facilitySensient Building Hoffman Estates, Illinois to the trade media on Feb. 18. The Hoffman Estates facility is situated closer to Sensient Flavors’ customers and is consistent with the company’s global restructuring initiative in North America and Europe, said Chief Financial Officer Eric Harton at the media event. In addition to touring the facility’s sensory lab and pilot plant, reporters were able to sample food and beverages from its research and development lab. In particular, beverage samples showcased the company’s Sensient Natural Origins (SNO) flavors, which aim to capture the authentic taste profiles of natural botanicals, as well as its Smoothenol natural masking technology, which masks undesirable off-notes and aftertastes, the company says. Teresa Olah, marketing director for beverage flavors in North America, concluded the event by presenting Sensient Flavors’ predictions for the Top 12 flavors of 2014: balsamic fig, burnt calamansi, fernet, ginger plum, gochujang, green coconut, guasacaca, juniper berry, ras el hanout, rhubarb, tayberry and Willamette hop.

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