PlumsSensient Flavors, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., released its Seasonal Selection portfolio. The new range of flavors was crafted for creating seasonal and limited-edition products that target consumers during the colder months. The flavors also can be used throughout the year to provide authentic fruit-flavored products. By using “forgotten fruit” flavors such as rosehip, quince and sloeberry, for example, manufacturers can tap into the trend of nostalgic indulgence, the company says. To address this interest, Sensient created seven natural flavors for beverage applications — blackberry, elderberry, pear, plum, quince, rosehip and sloeberry — to share the typical flavors of autumn. The rosehip flavoring, for example, is characterized by its aromatic, woody and herbal notes, while the plum variant offers a rich, sweet and juicy flavor profile, the company says. The natural flavorings are suitable for use in iced teas, carbonated soft drinks as well as still drinks.

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