Since 1982, consumers have been turning to Diet Coke because they love its taste, according to The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta. To expand on this, the brand is launching a new campaign to show fans what life would be like if it tasted as good as Diet Coke.

“Millions of people enjoy Diet Coke for one simple reason — the taste,” said Andrew McMillin, vice president of Coca-Cola Brands in North America, in a statement. “The unique, delicious taste has always been what sets Diet Coke apart and incites passion in our fans. Through the ‘Get A Taste’ campaign, we’re reminding fans why they fell in love with Diet Coke the first time, and we’re inviting everyone to experience the magic behind the taste of Diet Coke.”

As part of the campaign, the brand will launch three TV commercials. The first 30-second TV spot, “Economy Class” will debut during the Sept. 24 season premiere of “Nashville” on ABC and also will air during the season premieres of ABC’s “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” on Sept. 25.

“Economy Class” opens on a woman walking toward the back of a crowded overnight flight filled with sleeping passengers and crying babies. After asking the flight attendant for a Diet Coke, she closes her eyes and takes a long sip. When she opens her eyes, the sleepy, cramped airplane has transformed into a speakeasy-style party.

The main character weaves her way through the crowd. Along the way, she mingles and dances with stylish partygoers, who are more vibrant versions of the passengers she passed on her way to get a Diet Coke. As the plane hits a patch of turbulence, she is jostled back to reality and left wondering whether her enlightened experience was just a dream. A super asks, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?



A second spot titled “Car Wash” will air in early October. In this TV spot, a woman pulling into an everyday industrial carwash takes a sip of Diet Coke and opens her eyes to find that the brushes whipping past her windows are actually dancers in flapper-style dresses. Beyond them, a lively, 1920s-style party is revealed, complete with trapeze artists, break dancers and lots of water turned into confetti. As the woman pulls out of the carwash, she exits her Diet Coke world and returns to reality. Again a super asks, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?”

Later this fall, Diet Coke will launch a third “Get A Taste” TV spot, featuring seven-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift.

In addition to the TV spots, the fully integrated Diet Coke “Get A Taste” campaign will feature digital video, print, radio and out-of-home advertising. The brand also will activate on and its social media channels.

Online activations include partnerships with media outlets and filmmakers on Vine. These partnerships will bring to life how the taste of Diet Coke has the potential to make any moment a little brighter.

The “Get A Taste” campaign was developed by Droga5 New York, Diet Coke’s agency of record.