The Institute of Food Technologists drew more than 16,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals to New Orleans June 21-24 for the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo. The event’s three-day tradeshow gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the most recent products, ingredients and technological developments in the food and beverage industry from more than 900 exhibitors.

Below are some of the beverage-related highlights from this year’s tradeshow: 

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Co., Decatur, Ill., soft-launched its new Clarisoy 170 and Clarisoy 110 ingredients at the show.  Clarisoy 170 is an isolated soy protein for use in neutral beverage applications. Its clean flavor and smooth mouthfeel make it ideal for replacing dairy proteins in neutral-based beverages, the company says. ADM formulated Clarisoy 110 to be similar to its Clarisoy 100 ingredient but modified it for lower viscosity to make it suitable for use in high-protein beverages.

ADM/Matsutani LLC, Itasca, Ill., blended its Fibersol-2 ingredient into a low-fat, chocolaty dairy beverage to demonstrate how Fibersol-2 can be used to reduce sugar while still offering the mouthfeel of the beverage. This formulation could be suitable for the school nutrition channel, according to a company representative. The Fibersol line of dietary fibers can be added to various beverages to help consumers meet their daily fiber needs, the company adds.

AIBMR Life Sciences, Puyallup, Wash., highlighted its services in assisting with generally recognized as safe (GRAS) self-determination, new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications, label reviews, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notifications.

Ajinomoto North America, Fort Lee, N.J., featured its Synac’Ox ready-to-use polyphenols for beverages as well as its Advantame ultra-high-potency sweetener, which can be used to partially replace caloric sweeteners while maintaining taste, the company says. Advantame is available in AjiSweet VM95 and VM99 forms and is FDA-approved for general use as a sweetener. It also is Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) GRAS #4716 approved.

Aloecorp Inc., Seattle, demonstrated how aloe can be formulated into a beverage to add digestive, immune and skin health benefits while still delivering an enjoyable taste profile.

Amelia Bay, Johns Creek, Ga., focused on half-and-half beverage concepts, offering samples of flavored teas mixed with lemonade.

Anton Paar USA, Ashland, Va., displayed its polarimeter and refractometer machines for measuring the Brix value of beverages. The company also offers packaged beverage analyzers to measure the carbon dioxide, oxygen, turbidity, pH, density, and alcohol content of soft drinks and beers.

Barrington Nutritionals, Harrison, N.Y., blended its BiAloe organic aloe vera freeze-dried powder into a cherry-flavored powdered drink mix with Purefruit monk fruit extract.  

BASF, Florham Park, N.J., focused on three beverage-related trends at the show: “Transparency and Choice,” “Fortifying to Win,” and “Prescriptive Eating.” Under the transparency umbrella, BASF noted how important it is to simplify ingredient labels and tell consumers exactly what’s inside products. To demonstrate this, the company offered samples of a “Free-from” Vita-Aid, which contained water, lemon juice, evaporated cane juice, calcium citrate, flavor, ascorbic acid, vitamins and lucarotin for a clean-label formulation, the company says. In the sports nutrition category, the company offered samples of a chocolate milk with Tonalin CLA, which is a body-shaping ingredient that works with fat cells to shape the midsection and prevent fat regain. To meet prescriptive dietary needs, the company also formulated a diabetic-friendly, low-sugar drinkable yogurt with plant sterols for heart health.  

Beneo Inc., Morris Plains, N.J., offered samples of an energy beverage featuring its Palatinose functional carbohydrate ingredient. This novel sugar offers slow-moving calories that have a low impact on blood glucose and slowly release energy. This allows for energy supplementation without a blood sugar spike or energy crash, the company says. In addition, Palatinose does not trigger an insulin response in the body. Therefore, the body does not store it as fat and instead burns it for energy, it says. It also offers a natural, sugar-like taste with no bitterness or artificial taste, it adds. 

BI Nutraceuticals, Long Beach, Calif., offered samples of an Antioxidant Hurricane Lemonade featuring acai extract, beetroot powder, green tea extract and pomegranate extract. It also offered samples of a Greens Mint Tea featuring its Greens Blend, which features Spirulina, alfalfa, barley grass, broccoli, spinach and wheat grass, and a yerba mate extract for natural caffeine.

Bio-Botanica Inc., Hauppauge, N.Y., created for the show a Hurricane-flavored energy shot featuring Zemea, a natural, pure, colorless glycol alternative derived from a sustainable and renewable corn sugar fermentation process. 

Bioenergy Life Science Inc., Ham Lake, Minn., announced that the new Titan Tea beverages by Chill Brands LLC, New York, include 3 grams of Bioenergy Ribose per serving.

Biothera, Eagan, Minn., offered samples of a lemonade drink fortified with its Wellmune WGP product for an immunity boost as well as Peru-based Grupo Gloria’s Pro Defensis yogurt drink, which features Wellmune WGP and active yogurt cultures for synergistic immune support.

Blue California, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., featured its L-Tea Active natural L-theanine 98 percent relaxation ingredient, its Good & Sweet Reb-A 99 percent natural stevia sweetener, and its SolQ10 Blue water-soluble CoQ10 ingredient.

Cargill, Minneapolis, launched its new IngreVita blend of high-oleic canola oil, fish oil and proprietary antioxidants. The new blend delivers long-chain omega-3s EPA and DHA, which are essential nutrients that play an important role in heart health and brain development, the company says.

Carmi Flavor and Fragrance Co. Inc., Commerce, Calif., highlighted its pineapple, cherry, mango, orange, watermelon, grape, lemon, blue raspberry and strawberry flavors in granita slushie beverage samples.

Celanese, Irving, Texas, put its new Qorus sweetener system to a taste test, comparing a full-sugar, 100-calorie Tropical Fruit Punch beverage to a 60-calorie version sweetened with Qorus, which offered 40 percent less sugar than the full-sugar product. A mixture of Qorus and water can be used to replace filler juices in many types of beverages to reduce cost as well as sugar and calories, according to a company representative. The company also offered samples of a 10-calorie Hurricane cocktail as well as an energy beverage and a chocolate breakfast shake, all sweetened with Qorus.

Century Foods, Sparta, Wis., discussed its contract manufacturing services for protein powders and ready-to-drink beverages. 

Chr Hansen, Milwaukee, highlighted its natural, sustainable colors portfolio including its Ultra Stable Red and Spirulina for green and blue shades.

ColorMaker Inc., Anaheim, Calif., featured its naturally derived colors.

Corbion, Lenexa, Kan., offered samples of a fortified kids drink with its Nutrivan vitamin and mineral blend.

CP Kelco, Atlanta, offered samples of a caramel coffee drink fortified with CP Kelco’s Kelcogel HM-B gellan gum and Genuvisco carrageenan type J-DS, which it says can offer stable suspension and a silky mouthfeel.

Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City, Mo., highlighted its dry milk-based ingredients, including sweet whey, milk proteins and non-fat dry milk, as well as its contract manufacturing capabilities for protein shakes, milk, coconut water, smoothies, juice, coffee, tea and neutral-pH beverages. 

D.D. Williamson (DDW), Louisville, Ky., highlighted its Spirulina standard blue and light-stable color solutions suitable for beverage mixes and powders. Spirulina can be mixed with turmeric to create a bright-green hue, with beta-carotene for an olive-green hue, and with natural red to create a purple hue that is suitable for berry flavors, the company says. 

Diana Naturals, Valley Cottage, N.Y., distributed samples of its N.O. Power Shot that was specially formulated for the show. The sports performance shot contained 125 mg of nitrates from red beet juice concentrate as well as acerola juice for natural vitamin C and carrot juice for natural vitamin A.

Dow Water and Process Solutions (DWPS), Edina, Minn., discussed its new DWPS Food and Beverage Lab. Launched in February, the new program is designed to expedite new product development. Customers can bring ideas to DWPS, and the team can help finish the product and bring it to market. The company also offers free consultations and screening studies, small samples of resins, and Lunch & Learn seminars to learn more about the program. 

DSM, Parsippany, N.J., greeted guests just outside the show floor with samples of a coffee fortified with antioxidants and vitamins as well as a pineapple-flavored drink formulated with resveratrol, CoQ10, zinc, chromium and B vitamins for healthy aging in ready-to-drink and PowerCap drink mix forms developed by Fortitech Premixes, a division of DSM. At its booth, it also offered samples of a blueberry pomegranate juice for healthy aging fortified with life’sDHA, FloraGlo lutein and Quali-E; a cranberry-tangerine-flavored beverage featuring Fruitflow for heart health; and multi-nutrient drinks formulated for men’s and women’s health.

Flavorchem, Downers Grove, Ill., featured its portfolio of coffee and tea liquids and powders for beverages.

Food Ingredient Solutions Inc., Teterboro, N.J., highlighted its VivaPigments line of high-performing, natural, plant-derived pigments. 

Ganeden Biotech, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, touted the presence of its Ganeden BC30 probiotic ingredient in Magic Nutrition’s Magic Powder and Yip-pea beverage mixes.

Glanbia Nutritionals, Evanston, Ill., offered samples of an Energy Chia Smoothie featuring ALA omega-3, BevGrad chia, NutraShield caffeine, Carnipure Carnitine for energy, Chromax Chromium Picolinate for cognitive support, B vitamins for natural energy,  and its new OptiSol 1061 Greek yogurt powder to deliver authentic yogurt flavor.

GNT USA Inc., Tarrytown, N.Y., focused on its Spirulina color capabilities and applications for blue and green powdered or high-pH beverages.

Gold Coast Ingredients Inc., Commerce, Calif., highlighted its flavor solutions, which also are suitable for beverage applications, in Peach Chili, Guava Grapefruit Lime, Cucumber Melon, Horchata, Chocolate Stout and Vegetarian Bacon Bloody Mary shaved ice syrups. 

Gum Technology Corp., Tucson, Ariz., shared a booth with its new parent company, Penford Food Ingredients, Centennial, Colo. The team demonstrated its PenNovo 03 high-emulsifying starch in an iced café mocha beverage, which also featured two Coyote-brand gums. PenNovo 03 can assist with acid stability and cost reduction in a beverage.

Hilmar Ingredients, Hilmar, Calif., highlighted its whey protein ingredients in a chocolate-flavored coconut water shake. The prototype contained Hilmar 8350 Whey Protein Hydrolysate, which has a bland taste with reduced bitterness, pre-digested proteins, short peptides, and free amino acids, as well as Hilmar 8200 Whey Protein Concentrate, which provides excellent protein nutrition in ready-to-drink beverages, it says.

Ingredion Inc., Westchester, Ill., launched Ingredion Idea Labs at the show. With three U.S. facilities and
21 others being launched worldwide by the end of 2014, Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers are dedicated to fostering science-based collaboration and problem-solving for food, beverage and industrial customers in four key areas: consumer insights, applied research, applications knowhow and process technology.

Innophos Inc., Cranbury, N.J., offered samples of a salted caramel latte and a mocha cappuccino formulated with its VersaCal MP ingredient to provide calcium fortification and mouthfeel.

JK USA, an Edison, N.J.-based division of JK Sucralose Inc., featured its JKSSGR granular sucralose at the show. JKSSGR is 600 times sweeter than sugar by weight, is made from sugar, tastes like sugar, offers great heat stability, and is particularly stable in acidic and alkaline products, the company says.

Jungbunzlauer Inc., Newton Centre, Mass., conducted a taste test of two different versions of a Mango Passion Fruit iced tea to demonstrate its abilities in achieving an acid-sweetness balance. If sugar is reduced in a beverage formulation, it can become too acidic, so formulators need to add a high-intensity sweetener to balance out the mix, the company says.

LaMotte Co., Chestertown, Md., highlighted its range of water-quality-testing products. 

At the show, MicroThermics Inc., Raleigh, N.C., celebrated its 25th anniversary. It also featured its portfolio of small-scale and lab-scale pasteurizers.

Nutegrity, Irvine, Calif., offered tastes of a concept protein product featuring omega-3s, antioxidants, recovery and cognition ingredients, and a mixed berry flavor.

Pat Vitamins Inc., La Verne, Calif., featured its portfolio of antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, D and E, soy protein isolate, carotenoids, amino acids, phytosterol, and natural sweeteners, for food and beverage applications.

PLT Health Solutions, Morristown, N.J., launched two new products at the show. Its Benecarb glycemic management complex has been clinically proven to lower the glycemic index of a beverage by 8 to 20 percent, depending on the type of beverage. The other new ingredient, its Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D, is made from mushrooms and offers 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D in a 10 mg serving. Therefore, a 1- or 2-mg dose in a beverage can qualify it for a “good” or “excellent” label claim.

RFI Ingredients, Blauvelt, N.Y., offered samples of an Energy Ceylon tea, featuring 150 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in each 16-ounce serving, as well as a Hibiscus Energy Drink, featuring 300 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and 100 mg of caffeine in each 16-ounce serving. The company also offers liquid tea extracts and natural color solutions. 

Roha USA LLC, St. Louis, touted a patriotic red, white and blue theme and offered samples of red, white and blue Juice Alive frozen juices made with natural colors. 

S&D Coffee & Tea, Concord, N.C., highlighted its portfolio of hot- and cold-brewed coffee extracts and tea extracts. 

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates, Fresno, Calif., featured its lineup of natural red colors. 

Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill., focused on crafting foods and beverages with an unexpected twist. For example, it offered samples of a mango guasacaca water, which blends mango and avocado-like flavors, a burnt aalamansiiced coffee, which adds a citrus flavor to coffee, a pineapple jalapeño water, and a chocolate gochujang black tea. 

SensoryEffects, St. Louis, now part of Balchem Corp., offered samples of a mango lemonade, a caramel-apple-flavored milk, and a Choc-O-Crème deluxe chocolate drink to highlight its flavor capabilities.

Sethness Caramel Color, Skokie, Ill., highlighted its Class 1 and 2 no-4-Methylimidazole (4-MEI) caramel colors, which have great acceptance in the craft beer, cider and non-cola carbonated soft drinks markets, according to a company representative. The colors also are suitable for citric-acid-based beverages as well as coffees, teas and brown spirits, he says. 

Solazyme Inc., South San Francisco, Calif., offered samples of a raspberry protein shake featuring its whole algal protein, which is water soluble, vegan and allergen free.

Steviva Brands Inc., Portland, Ore., soft-launched its SteviaSweet high-intensity liquid stevia sweeteners, which are 25 times sweeter than sugar while offering 100 percent sugar reduction with no bitter aftertaste. It also highlighted its Nectevia stevia-fortified agave nectar, which is a plug-in replacement for high-fructose corn syrup, the company says. 

Sweet Green Fields LLC, Bellingham, Wash., featured its new Natrose stevia-based natural flavor, which the company says tastes better than stevia and can be labeled as a natural flavor on an ingredient label. It also highlighted its U.S. Department of Agriculture organic-compliant stevia product line; its USA Purified Stevia ingredients, which are finished in the United States; and its Altesse ultra-high-purity stevia.

Synergy Flavors Inc., Wauconda, Ill., offered tastes of flavored non-alcohol daiquiris to showcase its expertise in alcohol applications and alcohol source flavors. It also offered samples of beignet-, praline- and chicory-flavored iced coffees for a New Orleans theme as well as Southern-themed flavored iced teas.

Tabasco Brands/McIlhenny Co., Avery Island, La., put a spicy spin on New Orleans’ signature Hurricane cocktail by blending Tabasco sauce into an alcohol slushie.

Taiyo International, Minneapolis, discussed applications for its SunActive nutrition delivery system, Sunfiber soluble fiber, Sunphenon green tea polyphenols, Suntheanine dietary ingredient for stress and well-being, and SunAmla Indian Gooseberry extract.

Tate & Lyle, Hoffman Estates, Ill., offered samples of a stevia-sweetened blood orange sangria. The formulation used Tate & Lyle’s Tasteva stevia sweetener to achieve a more than 50 percent sugar reduction and had 70 percent fewer calories compared with a full-sugar version.  Recent research has revealed that two out of three consumers prefer Tasteva to rebaudioside A, the company says. On the fiber side of its portfolio, the company also offered tastes of an Iced Mocha Café au Lait featuring Tate & Lyle’s newly introduced PromOat Beta Glucan, which can support healthy cholesterol.

Tic Gums Inc., White Marsh, Md., discussed how hydrocolloids and hydrocolloid systems, like its Ticaloid Ultrasmooth, can help create a smooth mouthfeel for protein drinks. Through sensory panel evaluations, Tic Gums has determined that Ticaloid Ultrasmooth significantly reduces the awareness of particulates, diminishes astringency, and builds viscosity rapidly in a protein beverage.

The U.S. Dairy Export Council, Arlington, Va., offered tastes of a Veggie Burst fruit-and-vegetable juice drink. The juice medley included 12 grams of whey protein per serving to promote muscle repair and exercise recovery, as well as milk minerals to provide calcium.

Vida-Blend LLC, Amsterdam, N.Y., highlighted its vitamin and mineral premixes expertise.

Virginia Dare, Brooklyn, N.Y., discussed protein trends at its press conference during the show. The Virginia Dare 2014 Consumer Protein Survey found that 63 percent of consumers are looking for protein when choosing foods and beverages; 72 percent of consumers indicate that the protein content of foods and beverages is at least somewhat important; and consumers are seeking protein at all meal and snack occasions. Lu Ann Williams, head of research at Innova Market Insights, the Netherlands, elaborated on this trend in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, noting that protein drinks and breakfast shakes are growing in popularity. Chocolate milk also has become a protein champion in the CPG market, she added. She also suggested that brands prominently highlight their protein content on the front of their packages to better play into these protein trends.

At the show, Watson Inc., West Haven, Conn., celebrated its 75th anniversary and offered tastes of its Spark energy premix, which delivers energy, clarity and mental focus without caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol, milk thistle extract, guarana or taurine. This produces increased physical energy and stamina without the jittery side effects, the company says.

Wild Flavors Inc., Erlanger, Ky., which recently was acquired by ADM, showcased its color and flavor technology through samples of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recovery supplement featuring natural flavors and colors blended with a TCM recovery blend, a pear cardamom tea with natural flavors, a pineapple mint smoothie with its RPM Factors bioactive whey protein concentrate for sports nutrition, a tropical granita with natural flavors, and a Monstera Deliciosa soda with tropical flavors.

The Wright Group, Crowley, La., offered samples of a strawberry-flavored omega-3 beverage and highlighted its On Maximum Energy Blast customized energy shot premix containing taurine, inositol and B vitamins for natural energy.


 IFT 2015 will take place July 11-14 in Chicago.