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Tru BrainTruBrain’s founder, Chris Thompson, teamed up with UCLA cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill to create a beverage that could help improve productivity and focus. The result is truBrain, a nootropic beverage line featuring a collection of ingredients that have been shown to improve brain fitness. Among these ingredients are nootropics, which can help neurons work efficiently, and amino acids, which are the raw materials neurons use for energy, the company says. The beverages also are formulated to create a calm and focused state of mind, it adds.

truBrain, Santa Monica, Calif.

Telephone: 650/241-8372
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: purified water, organic blue agave, xylitol, citric acid, cranberry concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, natural flavor, monk fruit, stevia, nisin and polylysine.