What consumers want

Following the soft launch of its NuAquos protein drink line, New Whey Nutrition redesigned the products’ labels in response to consumer insight. The result is a 100 percent revamp of the brand’s logo, label and colors in order to better resonate with consumers, the company says. During the soft launch, the company found that a larger logo and brighter colors stood out better in the coolers, so it adjusted the design accordingly. Also, to be more consumer friendly, the company changed the cap from a 43-mm size to a 38-mm size. The updated look is more brand appropriate and better expresses the product’s mission to refresh, restore and rehydrate, the company says.


Courage, passion and pride

Tequila el Jimador redesigned its bottle to give it a premium look that matches the quality of the product inside, the company says. The revamped bottle features an embossed illustration of the Jimador, a figure that represents the hard work and dedication to craftsmanship displayed by the master agave harvesters, it adds. It also features a slightly modified, larger structure with more stylized, pronounced corners at the shoulders and base, giving the body of the bottle a sleeker, more modern appeal, the company says. Some of the other design changes include uniform caps as well as a smaller streamlined, colored metallic label design to showcase more of the premium tequila. All bottle sizes will feature the new packaging and will maintain the same price point. The brand, which is imported by Brown-Forman Corp., plans to use the new design to expand the brand’s footprint and encourage consumers to live life at 100 percent, with courage, passion and pride, it says.


Protecting the herd

Redco Foods Inc.’s Red Rose brand partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to preserve the environmental habitats in Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka and India, where Red Rose has sourced its tea ingredients for generations. Preservation of these particular tea-growing regions is essential to ensure that Red Rose can continue to deliver its tea blend, the company says. In addition to a monetary donation to IFAW, the brand also is bringing awareness to IFAW and its mission through special-edition carton artwork on Red Rose Original Tea, Red Rose Decaffeinated Tea and Red Rose Specialty Selections tea boxes. The outside of the boxes features silhouette images of savannah animals, and an insert inside each box asks consumers to donate to IFAW. Red Rose also created collectible animal coasters, which are available in specially marked boxes of Red Rose Decaffeinated Tea.


Ready for action

For the launch of its Homestead Double Barrel Bourbon and entry into the bourbon category, Homestead American Whiskey partnered with Saxco International LLC to create packaging for the new product. The duo selected a 750-ml super flint premium rectangular bottle with square shoulders, a short neck and a thick glass bottom. For the label, a red, black and white decorative graphic depicting the large “H” logo and Homestead identification was silkscreened on the front of the bottle. To top it off, the companies opted for a black wood top natural cork stopper. Along with this design, Saxco designed six-bottle white shipping cartons imprinted with red and black lettering for secondary packaging. The new 57 percent alcohol by volume bourbon is distributed in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Washington state, California, North Dakota and South Dakota, with future plans for availability in Wisconsin and Nebraska. A bottle has a suggested retail price between $39.99 and $42.99.


Welcome to the core

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is releasing its Namaste Belgian-style white beer in a new size. Namaste previously was only available on occasion in 750-ml bottles. Now, the brew will join the company’s core beer portfolio as a year-round offering available in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles in all states where Dogfish Head is sold. Made with dried organic orange flesh and orange rind, fresh-cut lemongrass, and a bit of pepper and coriander, Namaste was originally brewed in 2009 to raise money and awareness for 3 Fonteinen, a Belgian brewery that suffered a significant production loss. The name, which roughly translates to, “The spirit in me recognizes and celebrates the spirit in you,” also is a nod to craft beer lovers around the world for helping to spread the word about small, independent breweries, the company says.


Commemorative bottles

Ten years after New Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountain collapsed, the New Hampshire Liquor Com-mission released a limited-edition commemorative liquor bottle featuring the geographic landmark. The ceramic bottle features a full-color artist rendering of the Old Man of the Mountain and the New Hampshire state motto, “Live Free or Die,” a toast written by Revolutionary War hero General John Stark. Beyond commemorating the extinct landmark, the bottle also was designed as a fundraiser to support the Hall of Flags at New Hampshire’s State House. The commemorative bottle filled with vodka retails for $29.99 at all New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet locations. However, because the bottle was challenging to source, fewer than 9,000 bottles are available. Nevertheless, the New Hampshire Liquor Commission hopes to raise more than $85,000 from sales.


Subtle symbolism

 New Zealand-based wine label Fernz redesigned its logo and label for the debut of its 2013 vintage, Sauvignon Blanc. The redesign incorporates a theme of contrasting black, white and green colors to serve as New Zealand symbolism. Black and white pay homage to the bold and pure landscape of New Zealand, while the green speaks to Fernz’s sustainable and ethical winemaking practices, the company says. Fernz’s new label also features a silver fern, which is the national emblem of New Zealand, to convey a sense of inspiration, purity and pride, it says. The black label features text describing the vintage, including tasting notes, pairing suggestions and a profile summary of the wine.