Flashy celebration

In celebration of its 220th anniversary, Proximo Spirits’ Jose Cuervo imported tequila brand launched commemorative Jose Cuervo Especial Gold and Silver bottles. The collectible 750-ml bottles represent the first limited-edition Jose Cuervo packaging in the brand’s history, the company says. Each bottle features gold or silver metallic coatings and a Day of the Dead-themed skull representing the brand’s Mexican roots. This new design is intended to illustrate the brand’s image as the first tequila with “a touch of flash” and its smooth flavors, it adds.


Created to connect

GoodBelly probiotic drinks brand unveiled new packaging for its complete line of products: PlusShot (formerly GoodBelly+), SuperShot (formerly BigShot 50), By The Glass Multi-Serving Cartons (quart-sized containers) and the existing StraightShot. The updated packaging features the new product names and highlights each flavor’s juicy ingredients with colorful illustrations and animated graphics atop a bold black background, according to the brand. In addition, specially designed badges highlight key product attributes, including nutritional benefits like non GMO, dairy free, soy free, vegan and kosher certifications. Also, the new packages provide an interactive element for consumers. A reinvented version of GoodBelly’s iconic smiley face is featured as a cut-out on the side of each 32-ounce carton and encourages consumers to interact with the brand through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #GoodBellyRewards.


New horizons

Ardagh Group unveiled two packaging firsts on the new bottle of William Grant & Sons’ Sailor Jerry premium spiced rum. For the first time, the company was able to produce a cork-mouthed bottle using its weight-saving “narrow neck press and blow” (NNPB) glass manufacturing process at its Irvine, Scotland plant. Although a cork-mouth finish is relatively straightforward to produce using the blow-blow process, it was previously untested and more difficult under NNPB conditions, the company says. However, Ardagh technicians were able to successfully perform the task, it notes. The second “first” came in the form of neck embossing, marking the first time this has been applied by Ardagh Group for the U.K. spirits sector. The results of these two innovations created a bottle that is 20 percent lighter and also able to display embossed branding on the bottle’s neck, it says.


Breaking into bottles

Following Bruce Tea’s availability in cans, Splash Beverage Group and Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon, worked to release the ready-to-drink teas in glass bottles. The duo partnered with divisions of Berlin Packaging LLC to develop a custom mold for 15.2-ounce glass bottles, which are manufactured by a Chinese supplier. The company also helped the beverage-maker convert Bruce Tea’s logo graphics for the bottle’s custom-imprinted, 38-mm silver lug caps, which it sourced from a U.S. supplier.


In black and white

Entrepreneur Dieuveny Louis worked with Saxco International to package his new ultra-premium vodka, Toast Vodka. The beer, wine and spirits packaging specialist supplied a 750-ml cylindrical bottle suited for the top-shelf, high-end nature of the brand, the company says. The bottle is made with cosmetic-quality flint glass and has a clear, thick base that gives the product a stellar appearance, it says. Its rounded shoulders and long neck also facilitate easy pouring for bartenders and consumers, it adds. Toast Vodka’s label, which features the brand’s logo vertically printed from the bottom to the top of the label along with the inscription, “to life, to love, to us,” printed in white on a black circular background is screen printed directly onto the bottle. To seal the package, Saxco also provided a black T-top synthetic cork topped with a black-and-white tamper-evident strip to complement the black-and-white color scheme of the label. Toast Vodka initially is available in the Florida, New York and California markets, but the brand plans to expand into other major markets.


Tin meets aluminum

 Tin Man Brewing Co. released four of its core craft beers in 16-ounce cans from Rexam Beverage Can America. The craft brewer noted that it chose to package its Circuit Bohemian Pilsner, Alloy American Pale Ale, River Irish Red Ale and Overlord Imperial IPA in cans because it is the ideal package for craft beer. Circuit Bohemian Pilsner is bright in color and clarity with a mild aroma and a crisp, energizing flavor, the company says. Alloy American Pale Ale delivers a golden hue, light body and robust hops, it describes. River Irish Red Ale boasts a multitude of rich, sweet flavors with a slight hint of malt for a clean, dry finish, it says. Overlord Imperial IPA features a balance of Columbus, Cascade and Centennial hops with a sweet, pineapple aroma, it adds. To further highlight its interest in aluminum cans, Tin Man also hosts the website cansarebetter.com to educate consumers about the package’s benefits.