Many beverages provide a single function of refreshment and have achieved success in doing so. However, some companies have launched multi-functional products aimed to fulfill consumer demands for energy, weight loss and even beauty.

Like the Coke Zero commercial where a man throughout his lifetime asks “And?” and magically gets more, beverages these days have a lot to offer. Within the last few months, at least four multi-functional products have come across my radar — all within the dietary supplements category.

YouthH2O, for example, is a new 2-ounce shot said to increase energy, enhance mood and libido, improve metabolism and sleep, increase immunity, improve skin, and promote feelings of health and well-being, the company says. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Also designed for weight loss is The Swedish Diet Energy Boost shots. The supplement contains ingredients to help increase mental focus and physical performance, combat fatigue, provide energy, curb appetite, burn fat and reduce body weight, the company says.

Keeping with the energy function, new Pregame anti-hangover energy shots were designed to deliver an energy boost while preventing the effects of a hangover the next morning. On the other hand, Calm-fidence shots were formulated to relieve stress and provide calm and focused energy without any jitters.

 Considering the plethora of claims infused into beverages these days, if this trend continues, asking “And?” might become just as popular.