Chobani LLC, New Berlin, N.Y., launched its first-ever shelf-stable low-fat dairy milk: Chobani Super Milk. This latest product innovation is nutrient rich and is made specifically to be donated to support people impacted by disasters as well as help some of the most vulnerable in Chobani’s hometowns, the company says.

“We know food is essential, but it becomes an even greater need during natural disasters. What we did at Chobani was make a solution that could be deployed when and where it’s needed. We call it Super Milk — high protein, high fiber, nutritious milk that is wholesome and shelf stable,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani, in a statement. “It’s been a true gift for our entire team to bring this to life. We are humbled and honored to help those in need during hard times.”

Developed to help the American Red Cross and Chobani’s local food bank and pantry partners, Chobani Super Milk addresses a critical need by providing access to nutrient-dense, high-protein, low-fat dairy to those who need it most, it says. On average, the American Red Cross responds to approximately 65,000 disasters annually across the United States, the company notes. At the same time, there are already 44 million Americans facing food insecurity. As such, Chobani will produce an average of 145,000 pounds of Chobani Super Milk monthly to be deployed by the American Red Cross nationally in areas facing natural disasters and to local partners in central New York and southern Idaho communities, it says.

“We are spreading Super Milk across the country through amazing partnerships with the American Red Cross and local food banks and pantries in southern Idaho and central New York,” Ulukaya noted. “We are so proud to work with these inspiring organizations who are focused on delivering food to more people. We could not make this impact without the power of these partnerships, and it is an honor to work together.”

Cliff Holtz, president and CEO of the American Red Cross, added: “I’m inspired by forward-thinking Annual Disaster Giving Program members like Chobani that make it possible for us to support those in need at a moment's notice. Last week, Chobani sent a truckload of Super Milk to New Mexico in just a few days, helping power our relief efforts for those impacted by the wildfires. We’re grateful for their generosity and partnership as families continue to rely on the Red Cross for vital comfort and care in the wake of more frequent and intense disasters.”

Chobani Super Milk is made with high-quality, wholesome ingredients, the company says. With a nine-month shelf life and no need for refrigeration until opened, the 32-ounce package provides four servings in a container and offers 13 grams of protein, 7 grams prebiotic fiber for digestive health, 9 grams of sugar, 400 mg of calcium and is fortified with vitamins A and D, it notes.  

Super Milk was created after Chobani recognized the need for nutritious, high-quality dairy products during disaster relief efforts that do not require refrigeration, it says. The shelf-stable nature of Super Milk also addresses the logistic and supply chain challenges often associated with providing dairy to food banks and pantries, it adds.

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