In a February 2024 Forbes article titled “Are Retailers Ready For The Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Boom?,” Linnea Geiss asks whether or not consumers are continuing to make indulgent purchases even in the face of economic challenges like high inflation.

Her answer, “The data certainly points that way.”

According to Geiss, convenience stores have seen an increase in sales over the past year — particularly within alcohol categories such as wine, liquor and beer — indicating that consumers continue to indulge in everyday purchases in the face of challenges like high inflation.

“One shining example is the rise in popularity of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, specifically in the pre-mixed cocktails and flavored malt beverages categories,” Geiss wrote. “In fact, recent data from my company indicates a 109% increase in RTD cocktail sales, presenting a golden opportunity for convenience retailers to capitalize on changing consumer preferences to help bolster their growth and profitability.”

Upgraded Points, Austin, Texas, meanwhile, released a recent study unveiling the most popular canned cocktails and mocktails in each U.S. state — given how these RTD drinks have made it easier for consumers to sip on something sophisticated without needing a bartender.

“In a diverse nation where convenience often meets sophistication, canned cocktails and mocktails have reshaped America’s drinking habits," said Keri Stooksbury, editor-in-chief at Upgraded Points, in a statement. “We wanted to highlight varying regional preferences while underscoring a broader trend towards easy-to-enjoy, sophisticated drink options — catering to both cocktail aficionados and those looking for nonalcoholic alternatives.”

To determine the most popular canned cocktails and mocktails in each state, Upgraded Points compiled a list of 74 popular canned cocktails and wines and 25 canned mocktails then analyzed the regional interest of the beverages on its list using Google Trends search data from May 2023 to May 2024. The company used high search interest as an indicator of popularity, it notes.

According to Upgraded Points, America’s top picks for canned cocktails and wines are as follows:

  • High Noon has quickly become the favorite canned cocktail in seven states, including Rhode Island and Wyoming, it says. Known for its crisp and fruity vodka soda options like peach and watermelon, it is trending in hot states such as Kansas and Oklahoma, offering a respite from the summer heat, in notes.
  • The top pick in five states, Bev offers an elevated canned wine experience ideal for those who prefer their vino glass-free, according to Upgraded Points. With its crisp notes, Bev is particularly beloved in scenic states like Montana and Vermont where its simplicity and elegance echo the natural environment, it says.
  • Appreciated in five states, including Maryland and Delaware, Cutwater Spirits is celebrated for its high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors, the company says. These premium canned cocktails are a hit at social gatherings and celebrations, embodying a local appreciation for quality and convenience in equal measure, it notes.
  • Popular in four states, including Louisiana and New Hampshire, Kim Crawford stands out for its vibrant, aromatic flavors, Upgraded Points says. This New Zealand wine brand brings a touch of international class to the canned wine market, it adds.
  • In Florida, the Miami Cocktail Co. beat out larger national brands with a commitment to organic ingredients and vibrant flavors. Capturing the essence of a lively and diverse Floridian culture, this local favorite stands out in the bustling cocktail scene, the company says.

When it comes to the top canned mocktails, Upgraded Points provides a peek into which brands are trending across America:

  • Hiyo Social Tonic claims the top spot in 11 states, including Indiana and Mississippi, it says. Known for its organic adaptogens and nootropics, Hiyo offers a health-conscious twist on refreshment, it notes.
  • Leading in eight states, such as Alaska and Maine, Recess blends hemp extract with adaptogens to craft a soothing beverage ideal for unwinding, Upgraded Points says.
  • Mingle Mocktails leads in seven states, including Illinois and Texas, according to the analysis. Originally launched in Philadelphia, Mingle’s fruity, sparkling concoctions come in seven varieties.

With the rise of canned cocktails and mocktails revolutionizing how we enjoy beverages, it seems that there are countless options for anyone looking to crack open a cold one this summer.