PLEZi Nutrition, the public benefit company co-founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama, announced its official partnership with renowned actress and global advocate Kristen Bell as an investor and brand partner. 

Bell, a mother of two, has always been relatable, often speaking openly about the surprises and challenges of parenting. The partnership with PLEZi Nutrition gives Bell a platform to support and empower families with healthy habits.

“We are so thrilled to welcome Kristen Bell to the PLEZi Nutrition team,” said Obama, co-founder and strategic partner of PLEZi Nutrition, in a statement. “It’s a perfect match — she shares our deeply held vision of doing whatever we can to help parents raise a healthier generation of kids. She’s passionate, genuine, and funny, too — I can’t think of a better partner to help us reach even more parents, kids, and families.”

PLEZi Nutrition is on a mission to create higher standards for how the United States makes and markets food and beverages for kids, leading with nutrition, taste and truth. The company aims to give parents a helping hand by offering healthier, great-tasting products that parents can feel good about giving their kids and ― most importantly ― that kids actually want.

“As a mom, I get fatigued with how challenging it is to get my kids to make healthy food and drink choices. And I know from experience that taste is my kids’ first priority,” Bell said. “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with PLEZi Nutrition. Their mission and practical approach to providing healthier options for parents and kids is exactly what I have been searching for. In our home, I cannot keep my kids away from the PLEZi products. They get the taste they want, and I know it’s a healthier choice. It’s a win-win.”

PLEZi FiZZ, the brand’s newest offering, is a carbonated fruit drink that has 70% less sugar (8 grams per 8.4-ounce serving) than the leading soft drinks (28 grams per 8.4-ounce serving), no added sugar, plus 2 grams of fiber and nutrients like vitamin C. It comes in three flavors ― Cherry Limeade, Lemon Lime Squeeze and Strawberry Lemonade ― and currently is available on Amazon, with new retailers introducing the product later this spring.

PLEZi FiZZ follows the company’s inaugural fruit drink PLEZi. PLEZi comes in four flavors ― Tropical Punch, Blueberry Blast, Apple Splash and Orange Smash ― and is available on Amazon as well as nationwide at Target, Walmart, Sprouts, select Kroger banners and other retailers.

More than an effort to create better products, PLEZi Nutrition is guided by a Kitchen Cabinet advisory group of experts in nutrition, public health and parenting, and is committed to serving as an educational platform, including through the company’s Nothing to Sugarcoat site. The goal is to engage with parents, caregivers, and families about their questions when it comes to kids' health and to be transparent about what's best for kids, like drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables, because PLEZi Nutrition’s products are not intended to replace water and whole foods.

Furthermore, PLEZi Nutrition is dedicated to giving back. Building upon a $1 million commitment to FoodCorps' Nourishing Futures initiative, PLEZi Nutrition will be investing 10% of profits right back into the broader movement to promote kids’ health.