Piermont Brands, in collaboration with Caleb Pressley from Barstool Sports, announced the launch of Chica~Chida Peanut Butter Agave Spirit. 

This peanut butter agave spirit, born in the heart of Tequila, Mexico, blends the essence of espadin agave with allergen-free peanut butter extract, delivering a smooth, explosively flavorful shot experience that defies expectations, the company says.

“Chica~Chida represents our rebellion against the stale and pretentious norms of the industry,” said Sam Hirsch and Charles Sachs, co- founders of Piermont Brands, in a statement. “Teaming up with Caleb Pressley, we’re reshaping the narrative and encouraging customers to savor a dose of pure, unfiltered enjoyment.”

Pressley added: "Chica~Chida is peanut butter, butt better. I say butt because Chica~Chida makes my tonsils twerk and my brain bounce that ass. My dream is to one day have kids who grow up to be 21 so they can sip on Chica~Chida themselves. Or 18 if we live in Europe, which I don't foresee.”

Packaged in 750-ml bottles, the 32% ABV Chica~Chida now is available for purchase online and markets in New Jersey and will be available in Florida, South Carolina and Connecticut in April, the company says.