To build upon the momentum of Coors Brewing Co.’s most storied beer, Coors Banquet is back with its equity campaign Start Your Legacy for the second consecutive year. 

The Start Your Legacy campaign is an ongoing program that includes an optimized ad creative, limited-edition packaging, and fresh merchandise in collaboration with long-standing partner Brixton. The Brixton collab will be available for purchase on April 7, in time for National Beer Day at 

Brewed with the same tradition for more than 150 years, Coors Banquet is releasing new limited-edition packaging that pays homage to its history called The Legacy Collection. The look and feel of The Legacy Collection is inspired by the packaging designs of the past but with a modern twist. Each of the three commemorative designs recognizes a specific decade in Coors Banquet’s rich legacy, including designs lifted from the 1880s, 1940s, and 1990s. The Legacy Collection starts hitting shelves, with each design released in phases, from now until June 30 at retailers that carry Coors Banquet cans. 

Originally brewed for the Colorado gold and silver miners to enjoy after a hard day’s work, Coors Banquet has been a part of history and pop culture for more than a century. The iconic stubby bottle was even smuggled across the country before it became available east of the Mississippi in 1981, it says. 

“Over the past year, Coors Banquet has experienced tremendous momentum across the entire U.S beer category with consumers across the country, and in 2024, we’re not slowing down,” said Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands, in a statement. “The Start Your Legacy campaign is a testament to a mantra we have pulled from our brand history and a way we’ll leave our mark with new brand fans that are showing up to their favorite occasions with a Coors Banquet in hand.”