Tire monitoring system manufacturer Doran Manufacturing launched Doran YardCheck 360 to help fleets “rein in tire-related costs and stop problems before they can impact production,” the company says. The system continuously monitors tire pressure and temperatures, even if the equipment is powered off, it notes. For example, if a monitored tire within YardCheck 360’s wireless coverage zone has low pressure, a rapid deflation event or high temperature, fleet managers will be notified, it says. The data helps prevent equipment downtime and reduces operating costs through scheduling repairs and corrections. The company notes the system, with its visibility, also helps extend tread life, protect casings and improve fleet safety. The YardCheck 360 Gate Reader creates a wireless coverage zone at a facility, and inside that zone, external, valve stem mounted sensors pass tire pressure and temperature data to a rechargeable, battery-powered transceiver on each asset. The data is received by the YardCheck 360 Gate Reader and uploaded to the cloud every 15 minutes, automatically. The data is transferred for equipment that is powered on and once a day for equipment that is powered off. Both current and historical tire pressure and temperature data are visible online, and customers have the option to set up alerts. 

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