At the Truck Tire Manufacturers Association Convention, Continental Tire presented a new stand-alone tire pressure monitoring system for trailers: the ContiPressureCheck Solo. The simple and low-maintenance solution for trailer tire monitoring notifies the driver of tire pressure issues in real-time while keeping the trailer system completely separate from the tractor. ContiPressureCheck Solo offers fleets a solution to reduce trailer tire costs and to stay compliant with pending greenhouse gas regulations, the company says. Designed for trailers, long haul fleets, owner-operators, and fleets that return daily to the yard, the monitoring system includes tire sensors that can be retrofitted into existing tires, or intelligent tires with preinstalled sensors. Mounted on the trailer, a Central Control Unit continuously receives data from the tire sensors and activates alerts if needed. The notification light, mounted in an industry-standard position and visible in the driver’s side mirror, is activated if low pressure is identified in any of the trailer’s tires. Trailers equipped with telematics systems also can transmit tire data into the telematics dashboard, enabling office personnel to remotely view trailer tire monitoring information. The battery-powered sensors last six years or 400,000 miles, keeping maintenance to a minimum and saving time and money. ContiPressureCheck Solo is scheduled to be commercially available by the end of 2018.

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