Spirit of Gallo’s High Noon introduced the High Noon Snowbird Pack. This limited-edition pack is specially crafted to bring sun-kissed vibes, regardless of the weather, the company says.

Snowbirding, or migrating to warmer climates for winter months, isn’t just a trend — it’s a lifestyle. A recent survey from High Noon found that 60% of 21-28 year olds yearn for a sunny escape during the frosty months, and that one in 10 have already taken the plunge relocating to warmer havens just to chase that winter sunshine, citing an EJG Omnibus Wave 24 Consumer Survey.

“During the winter months, we know our fans seek that extra bit of sunshine in their day,” said Brandon Lieb, vice president of Spirit of Gallo, in a statement. “We wanted to create a bright spot for fans with the High Noon Snowbird Pack, tailor-made for those embracing the sun-drenched snowbird life.”

Crafted with real vodka and real juice, the High Noon Snowbird Pack includes fan-favorite flavors Peach and Lemon, alongside two new seasonal sensations:

•    Plum: Juicy plum flavors in a crisp, lively, sparkling drink

•    Raspberry: Sweet and tart raspberry flavors in a crisp, sparkling drink

High Noon’s survey also unveiled that almost 40% of individuals have ventured to warmer destinations during the winter months. With these four sun-inspired flavors, the High Noon Snowbird Pack is the perfect travel companion for those looking for a getaway from the chilly vibes.

The packs are available for purchase starting this month, with a suggested retail price of $19.99 for an eight-pack of 355-ml cans, and an ABV of 4.5%.