BENEO announced that it has extended a production line at its plant in Pemuco (Chile) that enables processing capabilities for the production of its liquid chicory root fiber Orafti Oligofructose LL with a significantly expanded shelf life of one year. This offers key supply chain benefits for customers in the Americas, particularly in light of the long transport distances in the region and supply chain disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. BENEO’s prebiotic Orafti Oligofructose LL is a highly soluble dietary fiber that allows easy processing, the company says. The ingredient offers binding and humectant properties for applications like cereal bars as well as sugar reduction and fiber enrichment opportunities in products like bakery, cereals, or dairy (alternatives), while maintaining texture and a natural mild sweet taste, it explains.

Ingredion Inc. announced the expansion of PureCircle by Ingredion’s stevia production facility in Malaysia. This expansion grows PureCircle’s bioconversion technology capacity, supporting four times the current capacity for these ingredients. The investment significantly increases the scale and supply of the best-tasting stevia leaf ingredients for replacing sugar and artificial sweeteners across food and beverage categories, the company says. Earlier this year, Ingredion announced the launch of its PureCircle Clean Taste Solutions, which provide clean-tasting sweetness across several categories including beverages, dairy, tea, coffee, sports nutrition, bakery, confectionery, savory, sauces and dressings. The expansion of the PureCircle Malaysia facility will further accelerate brands’ formulation efforts, by increasing the amount of finished stevia ingredients which make Clean Taste Solutions possible.

In line with the growing demand for non-alcohol beer options and flavor variety, Chr. Hansen launched two new strains for non-alcohol brewing. “With new strains in our portfolio, brewers can now offer an even greater variety of flavors to consumers who are seeking non-alcoholic options,” said Sofie Saerens, senior commercial development manager at Chr. Hansen, in a statement. “Our SmartBev NEER technology provides the full beer experience, creating a well-integrated body and mouthfeel that rivals traditional alcoholic beers. Plus, our yeast technology streamlines the brewing process, enabling cost savings and sustainability benefits.” With the addition of NEER Poly and NEER Punch, the SmartBev NEER technology range now comprises three distinct Pichia kluyveri yeast strains, each thoroughly selected to bring the full beer experience without the alcohol. These new strains have been sourced from the VIB-KULeuven Center for Microbiology, known for its extensive collection of yeast and a longstanding experience in yeast fermentation, it says.