Surely introduced the latest addition to its award-winning portfolio of non-alcohol wines: Non-Alcoholic Red Blend.

Far from a flat, boring and watery non-alcohol replacement, Surely’s Red Blend is layered, bold and complex enough to appeal to the most dedicated and discerning wine lover, the company says.

“Since launching the company, we’ve wanted to create a non-alcoholic red wine to savor on its own or enjoy with a meal — arguably one of the most difficult products to create in an authentic way that maintains its character without the alcohol,” said Surely Founder and CEO Ryan Hanson in a statement. “The overwhelming feedback we’ve heard about other non-alcoholic red wines is that they just taste like grape juice, so we wanted to create the complete opposite.” 

The Non-Alcoholic Red Blend mixes a foundation of dealcoholized wine with a proprietary blend of organic teas, botanicals and other natural ingredients to recreate the flavors and textures of a traditional wine drinking experience, without the alcohol, the company says. The liquid combines viticulture expertise from Winemaker Jess Smith with Craft Beverage Developer Michael Colangelo’s background in organic and flavor chemistry, merging the arts of winemaking and mixology, it notes.

The Red Blend was nearly three years in the making, with hundreds of iterations before the team felt they had truly captured the complex and layered experience of drinking red wine, breaking conventions and redefining what a non-alcoholic red can taste like, the company says. Not intended as a direct replacement for a specific varietal, the mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah grapes evokes a big, bold California red blend, it adds.

Packaged in a 750-ml bottle, the Non-Alcoholic Red Blend can be purchased for $26.99 by visiting the company’s website.