Molson Coors announced the introduction of Happy Thursday, a new line of bubble-free, spiked refreshers — a brand co-created with members of the 21 and up Gen Z community. 

The next generation of legal drinking-age consumers have made it known they want balanced, bright, noncarbonated options, so Molson Coors has worked directly with a panel of 21-plus Gen Z consumers to bring a first-of-its-kind spiked refresher to market that has everything consumers love and nothing they don’t, it says. 

“The Molson Coors innovation strategy is all about focusing on fewer, bigger and bolder bets that push boundaries and put us on the forefront of upcoming trends,” said Jamie Wideman, vice president of innovation at Molson Coors in a statement. One of those big bold bets is Happy Thursday, Molson Coors’s newest line of non-carbonated spiked refreshers co-created with 21-plus Gen Z consumers. 

“We’ve been seeing and hearing directly from Gen Z that they don’t want carbonation. So, together we’ve taken everything the newest legal drinking age consumers love — smooth, flavorful refreshers — and made them spiked, paving the way for a whole new category of alcoholic beverage,” Wideman continues. “With Happy Thursday, it doesn’t matter what day it is, the weekend starts with the first sip.”

Happy Thursday’s four flavors — Passionfruit Mango, Black Cherry, Strawberry and Pineapple Starfruit — will be on shelves and available in convenience stores nationwide starting in March 2024.