As beverage-makers diversify their portfolios to meet consumer needs, SKU proliferation is a prevalent factor. This, as well as the number of emerging brands hitting the market, has seen warehouse operations adjust their approach.

A spokesperson for Frain Industries, Carol Stream, Ill., notes that these trends “create a need for flexibility, adaptability and speed to market.” As manufacturers and contract manufacturers make these adjustments, it can impact equipment lifestyles and capabilities such as “changes to package design along with new product introductions,” Frain’s spokesperson notes. “Manufactures and co-packers need to be nimble and able to accommodate quickly.”

Yet, when investing in the equipment to support new products and packages, experts note to consider some important factors. “According to PMMI research, 76% of new products fail within 12 months, reality tells us its less,” Frain’s spokesperson says. “New machinery lead time are typically six to 12 months.”

For those looking to access packaging and processing machinery ahead of those lead times, companies like Frain Industries are looking to fill this gap with rental solutions serving the beverage industry. “Renting machinery provides the opportunities to help your customers bring more products to market with low risk and lower cash investment,” Frain’s spokesperson says.

Frain is able to achieve this because it has develop partnerships with 68 original equipment manufacturers where it has their machinery on the floor and can be ready to ship in weeks versus months. “Ninety percent will be ready to ship in one to three weeks,” Frain’s spokesperson says.

With a 2-million-square-foot facility and approximately 65 engineers and technicians on hand, Frain is able to supply the packaging and processing machines so that manufacturers and co-packers can start churning out new products.