Oak Ridge Winery officially unveils a new identity for its estate-grown wine brand, Old Soul. The rebrand celebrates the tapestry of its vineyards, blending past traditions with aspirations for Old Soul’s next chapter, the company says.

Since its debut, the label has narrated a story spanning generations, symbolizing meticulous winemaking and commitment to the land through the image of an old oak tree with roots deeply anchored and branches reaching skyward. As the brand continues to evolve, the updated label showcases a more intricate drawing of the oak with a whimsical tire swing hanging from its branches, symbolizing the traditions of the past and the promise of the future, capturing the brand’s constant motion with the oak serving as steward of the land, the company says.

“We’re thrilled to unveil this refreshed brand identity for our Old Soul brand that’s stood the test of time and continues to deliver,” said Raquel Casity, general manager and partner at Oak Ridge Winery, in a statement. “The label represents evolution but also captures everything this brand and winery stand for: passion, dedication, vision, sustainability and innovation, honoring our heritage and legacy with every bottle. The seasons may change and the swing may sway, but the essence of Old Soul will always stay rooted in the tradition of six generations of thoughtful wine-making.”

The brand’s new label, designed on 100% recycled GTREE paper stock, also underscores Oak Ridge Winery’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. With a rich legacy spanning nearly a century, the Maggio family's vineyards are meticulously audited and certified each year by LODI RULES. This rigorous assessment guarantees every wine they produce bears the Certified Green Seal of Sustainability.

Anticipation is already building as these newly branded Old Soul bottles are slated to arrive at retailers nationwide by late September.