Cathead Distillery announced its 2022 Old Soul Bourbon Single Barrel release, produced from barrels hand selected for their special and distinguished characteristics.

Developed by Cathead Distillery Co-Founders Richard Patrick and Austin Evans, this year’s Old Soul Bourbon single barrel selection featured just 61 barrels, all carefully reviewed and chosen during the maturation process, it says. Tailored for the discerning palate, barrels that undergo the single barrel process are some of the most monitored and judged, it notes.

"We keep a watchful eye on barrel profiles that show a superior nose and palate during maturation,” Patrick said in a statement. “The result of this year’s review process and selections is a particularly unique bourbon that we’re excited to share with our fellow Old Soul fans.”

The 2022 Single Barrel release features a dominant aroma of cherry and vanilla, followed by hints of maple syrup and nutty undertones, the company says. On the palate, sweet vanilla is at the forefront followed by notes of hazelnut, leather, and pepper with a dark chocolate and toffee finish, it adds. This Old Soul is best enjoyed on the rocks or stirred up in a classic bourbon cocktail, it notes.

With a suggested retail price of $69.99, Old Soul is available in select retailers across the country.