Waterloo Sparkling Water, known for its authentic flavors and lively carbonation, announced the return of its Spiced Apple and Cranberry sparkling water flavors, both as limited-time-only (LTO) offerings this fall. 

Waterloo’s nostalgic Spiced Apple and Cranberry sparkling water flavors, now in their second and third seasons, respectively, won big on the shelves last year, the company notes. Spiced Apple ignites the best memories of the season with an ideal balance of warm baked and crisp apple, aromatic spices and sweet cider notes, while Cranberry features a crisp, vibrant and complex flavor profile blending the familiar tartness with juicy and tannin notes — all the best of cranberry, it says.

“Fans have been asking for the return of Waterloo Spiced Apple and Cranberry since they sold out last season,” said Kathy Maurella, chief marketing officer at Waterloo Sparkling Water, in a statement. “Our research is clear on this — seasonal flavors are essential to driving excitement for the brand and growth of households buying the brand. With this big comeback of two of our most successful LTOs, we hope to bring excitement to the category and our fans, who have been eagerly anticipating their return and to welcome more consumers into the Waterloo family.”

Retailer interest in these returning LTO flavors is strong, with double the total volume commitment and 30% more retailers over last year. “The momentum behind Waterloo is undeniable,” said Jason Shiver, Waterloo Sparkling Water CEO. “On top of expanded seasonal distribution for Spiced Apple and Cranberry, the brand has the fastest-growing number of households buying, dollar sales, market share and distribution among the competitive set of flavored sparkling waters. Retailers and consumers alike are responding to our full-out flavors that continue to differentiate us from the competition.”

Like all Waterloo varieties, both Spiced Apple and Cranberry are free of calories, sugar, and sweeteners, the company notes. 

Waterloo Spiced Apple and Cranberry sparkling waters are beginning to roll out this month at retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, Walmart.com, HEB, Central Market, select Costco locations, Natural Grocers, Fred Meyer, Sprouts, select Safeway Albertsons divisions, Hy-Vee, Schnucks, Cub Foods and Fresh Thyme, and more.