Industrial mixer manufacturer INDCO introduced their model HSD06 pneumatic, variable speed benchtop disperser. The disperser features a 1-gallon capacity, delivering maximum flexibility in a variety of industrial settings, with a stainless steel shaft. The shaft is drilled and tapped on end for bolding on a two-inch-diameter design A dispersion blade, the company says. All wetted parts on the disperser are stainless steel for chemical resistance. The ½ HP disperser can operate from 500 to 5000 RPM with a needle valve as speed control. Maximum agitation is achieved when supplied with 100 PSI at 71 CFM. It can be raised or lowered by hand, with a support clamp to securely lock it in place. The INDCO HSD06’s air motor weighs less than the electric model, so it is inherently safe in combustible environments. The high shear disperser is ideal for laboratory, pilot plant or production operations settings, and can incorporate a variety of materials including pigments, food ingredients, hand creams and more, the company says. The company notes that, due to its flexibility and easy operation, the HSD06 is one of the more popular dispersers. It’s manufactured in the New Albany facility and is available with short lead times. 

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