Festo Corp. unveiled a new compressed air filtration series specifically designed to keep compressed air clean when used around food, beverage and packaging zones. Available in three models in the series — MS4, MS6 and MS9 — the air filtration products conform to FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines for clean air, as well as meet or exceed the top national and international benchmarks, the company says. The MS series are designed for food and packaging-in-food-zone applications in the dairy, craft beer and beverage industries where clean compressed air enhances the longevity and efficient operation of pneumatic cylinders and processes. The MS series filtration systems are rated for airflow ranging from the MS4 at 360 l/min to MS9 at 7,800 l/min. In addition to the three stage filters, MS air preparation units come standard with a lockout/tagout feature for operational safety. An exhaust valve, another standard feature, safely evacuates air from the system when filters are changed. As an example of easy ordering, the MS6 filtration system, the most commonly used unit for 2,500 l/min 0.01µm filtration application, has only two ordering numbers, one for left-to-right air flow and the other for right-to-left. Other variations of the MS6 for odor and moisture removal in sensitive applications are equally easy to purchase. MS units are assembled, in stock, easy to install, and feature competitive pricing and fast shipping, making it easy and practical for original equipment manufacturers to maintain clean air around beverages.

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