During Pack Expo, Emerson showcased the new integration of air preparation units for packaging equipment, the AVENTICS Series 652/652 with AVENTICS AF2 flow sensors. The combined solution enables more efficient air consumption and versatility for packaging lines. The integration of the air preparation units with the flow sensors provides a clearer picture of air consumption in pneumatic systems, while delivering valuable insights that can help facilities improve packaging line efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the company says. On their own, Series 652/653 air preparation units provide clean air and pressure control to downstream pneumatic devices; however, now that they can integrate with the AF2, end users can benefit from the versatility and wide variety of options this range of filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs) offers. These FRLs are ideal for packaging, food and beverage, and process applications requiring highly reliable operation and robust, modern-looking equipment. Operators can monitor air consumption, including flow, pressure and temperature, to detect leaks and optimize energy use. With an integrated analysis option, the integrated solution provides alerts that enable the appropriate personnel to address early-stage leakage and perform preventative maintenance before issues arise. The integrated solution also can be retrofitted on existing machines with few changes and be directly interpreted by many different controllers. 

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