Labatt Blue Light introduced its new fruit flavored light pilsner, Labatt Blue Light Apple.

Labatt Blue Light Apple is a premium lager with natural, crisp apple flavor, the company say. Apple joins Labatt Blue Light’s other fruit flavored products, Blue Light Lime and Blue Light Grapefruit, as a limited release this summer.

“Apple Flavored Beers are growing rapidly in popularity, nearly doubling in sales from previous years,” said Jason Folaron, brand manager for Labatt USA, in a statement. “With Blue Light doing so well, it’s the perfect time for us to bring something new and fresh to the market that we know Labatt fans will enjoy. We have solid trend data on Blue Light that led to us developing this great tasting fruit beer for beer drinkers across the Northeast to try this summer.”

Packaged in 12-ounce cans, Labatt Blue Light Apple can be purchased in 12- and 30-packs and is currently available in New York, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware.