Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light recently rolled out new recycled and photodegradable green plastic carrier rings: Hi-Cone RingCycles. They replace the plastic rings found on its six packs, which are imported from Canada. Starting immediately, Labatt Blue and Blue Light 16 ounce six-packs will contain the eco-friendly carriers and will be available throughout all U.S. markets where the products are sold.

The Hi-Cone RingCycles are made with more than 50% post-consumer recycled content and continue to be photodegradable, which means they break down when exposed to UV light. The rings are green and stamped with information on how to recycle to help communicate the new sustainable packaging.

“By switching to recycled content, we're taking one small step toward improving our environmental footprint,” said Janine Schoos, brand director for Labatt, in a statement. “This carrier ring will begin to break down when exposed to UV light. We value nature and understand our role in helping to reduce plastic waste and promote the health of our waterways and environment.”

Elizabeth Sheaffer, director of global communications, Hi-Cone, added: “By encouraging recycling over waste, we can keep ring carriers out of landfills, and transform them into a valuable resource, helping us to close the loop on recycling. RingCycles are recyclable wherever No. 4 LDPE (low-density polyethylene) or mixed plastics are collected. Where they are not, we have put a cost-free consumer recycling program in place. Through the RingRecycleMe program, consumers can collect and return used ring carriers to be recycled and repurposed to produce new ones.”

Labatt USA, Buffalo, N.Y., is part of FIFCO USA, a triple bottom line company committed to improving its environmental footprint with a focus on reducing its use of water and energy, while decreasing carbon emissions and waste going to landfills, it says. Each year, FIFCO USA measures water, emissions and waste in its brewing and manufacturing operations, and sets goals. In addition, FIFCO USA uses volunteerism and investment to help deliver positive environmental impact through projects that reduce litter, promote clean waterways, restore habitats, plant trees and plants, and enhance nature for its employees, partners and consumers.