Richard’s Rainwater has responded to the need to curb single-use plastic by eliminating plastic bottles from its product line by switching to aluminum cans. As of March, all of Richard’s Rainwater still water has been sold in recyclable 16-ounce aluminum cans and 750-ml recyclable glass bottles. Richard’s Rainwater sparkling water will remain in its classic 12-ounce glass bottles. In addition to the new packaging, Richard's Rainwater is partnering with Austin Parks Foundation to keep the company's own backyard clean. All profits in March from the sale of the new cans nationally are donated to the nonprofit, which improves and enhances the parks in the capital of Texas. This money has been earmarked for putting recycling containers throughout Austin's 20,000 acres of green space that make up nearly 300 parks, the company says. “Rainwater is unquestionably the most sustainable source of drinking water on the planet. We’re committed to continuously improving on everything when it comes to sustainability, and that means bringing our packaging up to meet the high standards of our water,” said company President Taylor O’Neil, in a statement.