Monaco Cocktails, a brand of Atomic Brands, announced its new line of ready-to-drink Margaritas, expanding upon its popular tequila portfolio.

The line includes two distinct flavor profiles: Lime and Watermelon, with Classic and Spicy varieties for each. Featuring a high-energy packaging design, each can packs a punch at 9% ABV, the company says. With zero carbonation, malt or gluten, Monaco Margaritas are full of flavor and taste like the real deal — but even better, it adds.

“Beyond the popularity of tequila-based drinks like Margaritas, consumers are more interested than ever in exploring new flavors ― especially spicy ones,” said Don Deubler, CEO of Atomic Brands, in a statement. “Our Margarita line speaks to this demand and allows customers to either feel the spirit or feel the spice.”

Monaco Margaritas currently are available at convenience stores nationwide for $2.50-2.99 for a 12-ounce can. Store locators can be found by visiting the company’s website.