Javo Beverage, a Vista, Calif.-based extraction company, introduced a lineup of lemonade-based energy drinks and premium iced teas.

The launch is intended to attract and retain younger customers with these innovative beverages. The company notes that these functional beverages provide both energy and the “added benefit of mental focus.” The 12-ounce servings contain 100 mg of natural caffeine, as well as 100 mg of natural L-theanine. The drinks are available in the flavors of pomegranate pineapple, peach honey and blackberry lemon.

“Our energy lemonades are different from anything on the shelf, we’re thinking outside of the can to benefit our foodservice operators,” said Chris Johnson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Javo, in a statement. “We offer a hand mix format that delivers flexibility in menu development and the ability to own the beverage at the restaurant or brand level.”

He notes that, based on data from Datassential, 80% of consumers are interested in functional beverages when it comes to expanding beverage options.

“Javo is also introducing three new iced tea flavors to reinvigorate category sales, which have been declining for several years in the foodservice sector,” Johnson added. “We recognize that the long-term success of the iced tea category lives in flavor innovation and leaning into the healthy halo of tea to attract younger consumers to the category.”

The iced tea flavors are Blood Orange, Mango Guava and Peach Ginger Hibiscus. The company says these flavors feature black tea from Argentina and Indonesia, in addition to hibiscus tea.

“We see more and more younger consumers demanding a wider variety of beverages, even replacing alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic options,” he said. “Our new products are focused on filling the gap on beverage menus, while helping our foodservice operators attract those younger consumers and add profits to their bottom line.”